Quarterly Maintenance Plan

Why A Quarterly Maintenance Plan?

If you want to be smart about your pest control and lawn care options, this might just be the plan for your lawn. Typically, many Utah homeowners don’t have much experience with pest control, so they might end up paying more than they need to. If we can help save you money in any way, while still providing you with the best pest control services you’ll be able to find, we’d like to do so, and this plan is designed for exactly that. Unless you have a serious pest control issue at your home, chances are you don’t really need to pay a company to visit your home every month in order to keep your pests down (although, if you are one of those unfortunate homeowners, we certainly can do that for you). Instead, you might be better off with a visit every quarter.

What’s Included With A Quarterly Maintenance Plan?

The quarterly service plan offered by All Green Pest Control & Lawn Care gives you year round protection against target pests by planning ahead and combating each pest type during the season they are most likely to infest your home and lay eggs. The quarterly plan starts off, like the other maintenance plans you can purchase from All Green, with a thorough initial clean-out that is specifically designed to destroy an existing pest infestation. After that you can expect a schedule visit every quarter of the year that will targets pests specific to each season, but you can also request an unlimited number of visits which are allowed between regular services – at no additional charge. This option is best for individuals that want regular visits and don’t mind using the warranty service from time to time.

Online Only Offer

To thank you for visiting our website, All Green is pleased to offer your initial clean-out for only $1 with online orders. Get in contact with us today and we’ll be happy to help you fix your pest control problem!