Bi-Monthly Maintenance Plan

Why A Bi-Monthly Maintenance Plan?

If you don’t like to have to worry about the hassle and work of maintaining your lawn care and pest control all by yourself, or if you’re someone who has struggled to get their bug, insect, or pest infestation under control in the past, a bi-monthly maintenance plan is an excellent option available to you. This lawn care and pest control plan is ideal for the individual that doesn’t like to deal with spiders, ants, or wasps at all, and if you’re anything like many Utah homeowners, that might describe you perfectly.

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Why A Bi-Monthly Maintenance Plan?

The bi-monthly plan includes 6 annual visits that you can schedule at times that are convenient to you, in addition to an initial clean out to get your lawn started off on the right foot. You can expect that the initial clean out will be in depth and will focus on eliminating the pests and bugs you already have around your home. After your initial pest control clean out, you can then look forward to each follow-on visit being designed to prevent future bug infestations by getting rid of the bugs that have moved in since your last visit. These follow-on visits are critical because they get rid of pests before they have a chance to lay more eggs in your lawn or around your home.

We highly recommend this option as the best one for individuals that do not want to see bugs at all and look to prevent a pest control problem from ever developing or for individuals with regular infestations of ants, spiders, or wasps that they have been unsuccessful in eliminating in the past. If you feel like either of those situations describe you, please get in contact with us today and find out how your pest control problems can become a thing of the past.