Get a Free Lawn Assessment from Our Experts: What’s Involved?

June 30, 2022

spring lawn care

Are you looking for a free lawn assessment? Our experts are here to help! This blog post will cover what’s involved in a free lawn assessment and how you can take advantage of it. Summer is the perfect time to assess your lawn and make improvement plans.

What is involved in a free lawn assessment from our experts at May All Green?

Here at May All Green, we believe every lawn deserves to be healthy and beautiful. That’s why we offer free lawn assessments to all of our customers (current and potential). Our experts will come to your home and take a close look at your lawn, assessing its condition and identifying any potential problems.

We’ll then provide you with feedback, outlining our recommendations for improving the health of your lawn.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a lush, green lawn or want to prevent common problems like weeds and bare patches, we can help.

How will the assessment help you improve your lawn’s health and appearance?

A healthy lawn is the foundation of a beautiful garden, so taking good care of your grass is essential.

Fortunately, regular lawn assessments can help you identify any problems early on and take steps to fix them.

By regularly monitoring the health of your lawn, you can catch issues before they become severe and ensure your grass is always looking its best.

In addition, lawn assessments can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current maintenance regime and make changes as needed. Whether a seasoned green thumb or just starting, regular lawn assessments are a valuable tool for keeping your grass healthy and attractive.

What are some of the benefits of having a healthy lawn?

dog running on green grass fieldA healthy lawn is more than just a pretty piece of green space.

It can provide several benefits for both people and the environment. For example, a healthy lawn helps to improve air quality by trapping dust and emissions from cars and other carbon-emitting nasties.

In addition, it helps to cool the air by evapotranspiration, which is the process of water evaporating from the leaves of plants.

Lawns can also help to prevent soil erosion, as well as provide a habitat for wildlife.

Many species of birds and insects rely on lawns for food and shelter. So, healthy lawns make our yards look nice and play an essential role in making our planet a healthier place to live.

Who can benefit from a free lawn assessment from our team of experts?

A free lawn assessment from our team of experts can benefit anyone who wants a healthy lawn.

During the assessment, our experts will closely examine your lawn and soil to determine what type of care it needs. We will also create a customized plan to address any problems we find.

Whether you’re struggling to control weeds or simply looking for ways to improve the overall health of your lawn, a free assessment from our team can help you get on the right track.

So if you are looking to enhance your property value and be the envy of your neighbours and live in any of the following areas listed below, then you can benefit from a free lawn care assessment.

Utah County:

Alpine, American Fork, Benjamin, Cedar Hills, Lake Shore, Lehi, Lindon, Mapleton, Orem, Palmyra, Payson, Pleasant Grove, Provo, Salem, Santaquin, Saratoga Springs, Spanish Fork, Springville, The Ranches, Vineyard, and West Mountain.

Salt Lake County:

Bluffdale, Cottonwood, Cottonwood Heights, Day Break, Draper, Fair Park, Herriman, Holladay, Midvale, Millcreek, Mt. Olympus, Riverton, Rose Park, Salt Lake City, Sandy, South Jordan, South Salt Lake, West Jordan, and West Valley.

How to schedule your free lawn assessment?

Here’s how to schedule your assessment, choose your nearest My All Green location, fill in the form on our contact page or give us a call.

One of our knowledgeable team members will be in touch within 24 hours and be happy to help you.

Summer can be a challenging time on lawns, so don’t delay?

Schedule your free lawn assessment today!