How to Tell If Your Tree Is Nutrient Deficient

June 7, 2022

3 Signs Your Tree Needs Fertilization

Like most people, you probably don’t think about tree fertilization until it’s too late. By that time, your tree is already showing signs of nutrient deficiency.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can look for to determine whether or not your tree needs some TLC. This blog post will discuss the three main signs that your tree needs fertilization. We’ll also provide tips on how to get your tree back on track!

Which nutrients are essential for trees?

Trees need various nutrients to stay healthy, and each nutrient provides different benefits. However, trees need three primary nutrients to thrive: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.Healthy Tree

The Big Three

Nitrogen is responsible for the growth of tree leaves and helps with photosynthesis. Phosphorus helps tree roots grow strong and healthy, while potassium aids in water uptake and drought resistance.

For further reading on the best practices of tree fertilization quantities and optimum nutrient blends. Read here.

What are the signs of a nutrient-deficient tree?

One of the main signs that your tree needs fertilization is a lack of growth. You may notice that you are not getting the same development from a tree as in previous years, or you may see the same tree variety thriving in your neighborhood while yours is not. These are signs your tree is not growing and thriving, which is likely due to a nutrient deficiency.

Regularly monitor your trees and keep an eye on smaller branches and monitor new growth; alternatively, you can measure the trunk’s circumference and compare it with previous measurements to determine whether or not your tree is growing at a healthy rate.

Another tell-tale sign of a nutrient-deficient tree is discolored leaves, particularly during the Spring and Summer growing seasons.

You may also notice poor fruit production on your tree, which can be due to a lack of nutrients. If you have seen any of these signs, your tree is likely nutrient deficient and in need of fertilization.

It is also worth noting here that water can play a role in tree health, and if your tree is not getting enough water, this will also lead to an underperforming tree as well as contribute to nutrient deficiencies.

Make sure you water your tree regularly and deeply, especially during hot and dry periods.Treetops against blue sky through circular frame.

If you notice any of the symptoms listed above or if you can’t remember the last time you fed your trees, it’s probably time to fertilize!

How to fix an undernourished tree?

The best way to get your tree back on track is by contacting a specialist tree fertilizer who can assess your tree’s health and provide the appropriate tree fertilizer for your tree’s needs.

My All Green are specialists in tree fertilization services in Utah. Through extensive experience, we know what it takes to get sick and unhealthy trees back on track. However, prevention is always better than a cure so we recommend you regularly maintain trees for optimal tree health once or twice a year.

Call us for an obligation-free quote, and you can be sure that the right team will turn up with the right gear for the best outcome.

One service we have noticed working exceptionally well in our Utah tree fertilization experience is the process of deep root injection of fertilizer.

Tree root injection

The process of deep root injection involves a cocktail of high-quality liquid fertilizer products applied using a deep root feeding system, sometimes called a soil needle. The liquid nutrients are mixed in a large tank, and then the pressurized contents travel through a hose to the soil needle. The technician inserts the needle based on the depth of a tree’s root system, applying a specific amount of fertilizer at precise locations. 

Knowledge and experience play a significant role in the process. Should the tech insert the needle too far, it will overshoot the root system and inject the solution in a location that the plant can’t use.

If you think your tree may be nutrient deficient, don’t wait to get it assessed and treated. A tree that is left un-fertilized can become weak and susceptible to disease. Contact a tree specialist today to get your tree back on track!

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