Top 10 Lawn Care Mistakes

March 28, 2022

Most people don’t realize that many common mistakes can be made when caring for healthy lawns. Making just one of these mistakes can lead to a number of problems down the road.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 lawn care mistakes that you need to avoid. By being aware of these mistakes, you can ensure that your lawn stays healthy and looks great all year long!

adding fertilizerRelying on Fertilizers to Do the Work for You

Many people believe that if they just apply some fertilizer to their lawn, it will take care of everything. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Fertilizer is meant to supplement your lawn’s natural growth, not replace it.

For example, if you have a thatch problem, applying fertilizer will only make the situation worse. The fertilizer will help to create an environment where the thatch can thrive.

PRO-TIP: Be sure to read the directions on your fertilizer carefully, and only apply as much as is recommended. Using too much fertilizer can do more harm than good! Alternatively, you can consult with a local landscape professional.

Forgetting to Water Your Lawn or Watering Too Frequently

One of the most important things you can do for your lawn is water it properly. If you don’t water your lawn when it needs it, the grass will start to brown and die.

And if you water your lawn too frequently, the soil will not be able to absorb any of the water, which can also lead to problems.

PRO-TIP: The best way to determine how often you should water your lawn is to check the soil moisture levels. If the soil is wet, don’t water it! And if the soil is dry, water it. 

Most lawns require 1-1.5 inches of water/week. If in doubt, run a water moisture test available at your local garden centre.

Mowing With Dull Mower Blades

Grass clippings will typically be blown back onto the lawn when you mow your lawn. However, if you are using dull mower blades, the clippings will be slashed and smashed into smaller pieces, making your lawn look messy.

Think of it this way: if you use dull blades, you are essentially tearing the grass instead of cutting it. Tearing can lead to many problems, such as brown spots and fungus.

PRO-TIP: Be sure to sharpen your mower blades at least once a year. Sharp blades will help ensure that your lawn looks its best – healthy lawn!

Mowing Too Often or Not Mowing at All lawnmower

Mowing your lawn is an integral part of any lawn maintenance program. Not only does mowing help to keep the grass healthy, but it also helps to prevent weed growth.

If you mow your lawn too often, you will be doing more harm than good. And if you don’t mow your lawn at all, the weeds will take over, and the grass will die.

PRO-TIP: The best time to mow your lawn is when the grass is about 3 inches high. This will ensure that you are not mowing too often, and it will also help prevent weed growth.

Ignoring the Season Changes

The best way to take care of your lawn is to adapt your care routine to the season. For example, in the summer, you will need to water your lawn more often than you would in the winter.

And in the winter, you will need to make sure that your lawn is regularly cleared of leaves and debris while avoiding heavy traffic during wetter periods.

Mowing the Same Direction Every Time

When you mow your lawn, you should always mow in different directions. Multi-directional mowing will help keep the grass healthy and prevent it from becoming scalped.

PRO-TIP: For the best results, switch directions each time you mow!

pulled out weedsUsing a Weed Killer Instead of Pulling Weeds by Hand

Weed killers are a great way to get rid of weeds, but they should only be used last resort. If you use weed killers too often, the weeds will become resistant.

Plus, using weed killers can also have the potential to damage your lawn with constant use.

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Final Words: Don’t Make These Common Lawn Care Mistakes!

Lawn care mistakes are common. If you’ve made any of them, don’t worry! We hope you find some of these tips on preventing helpful so that your lawn can look its very best.

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