How to Prepare for Bee Season and Protect Your Property

January 14, 2022

Before we know it, the winter season is over, and spring is at our door. With spring comes warmer days and blossoming flowers. With that said, it is never too soon to prepare in advance for bee season.

Unlike some areas around the world, bee season can start as early as February and last into the early Fall season in Utah. Usually, bees tend to come out when the temperature regularly reaches above 50 degrees. This article shares helpful tips on what to expect with bee swarms and how to prevent bees from getting into your home or business. 

Natural ways to protect your property from bees

Bees play a critical role in maintaining our natural environment. Typically, bees are not dangerous unless provoked. These are preventative measures to take to not only ensure the safety of your property but the bees as well. 

Check all potential entry points

If you spot a bee flying around your personal space indoors, that means it found an entry point, and it’s not always from an open window or door. There are a few different ways bees can make their way inside. Be sure to spot check all entry points around your home or business. Here are a few areas to keep in mind.


If you have a built-in fireplace, that means you more than likely have a chimney. When not in use, sometimes bees and other pests will make their way inside from the entrance of the chimney. An excellent way to check if you have bees forming a hive in your home is to turn off all white noise, such as stereos or appliances. Sit back and listen in silence for any sounds of buzzing. 

Close vents

Kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes laundry vents are another popular entry point for bees and other pests. Bees will usually linger in rooms that have a vent. To prevent bees from entering your space through your ventilation system, be sure to close any vents that are not in use. 

Seal any gaps and holes

Even the most minor gaps and holes are enough of an entry point for bees to squeeze through. It helps to do regular walk-throughs of the space to spot check for any holes in the walls, door, and window frames, as well as window screens. Caulking or patching these holes will help prevent bees and other pests from entering inside. 

Do not plant flowers that attract bees

Flowers and plants can add an attractive curb appeal, but there are some flowers that bees are attracted to. Some flowers include poppies, clovers, and herbs such as thyme and oregano. Not to mention, flowers and plants with bright colors will attract bees. 

Add natural repellents

There are quite a few natural home remedies that can deter bees while keeping in mind the health of the natural environment. For instance, peppermint plants, cinnamon, and cucumber peels are natural repellents that are good for keeping bees away. The best part is that these natural pest control alternatives do not expose yourself or your family to harmful chemicals. 

Reduce outdoor clutter

Reducing the amount of clutter outside your home or business can help prevent bees from nesting. This tip can also apply to other pests such as wasps. Be sure to store any unused equipment and appliances in an enclosed area. 

Overall, maintaining a clutter-free and clean environment will dissuade bees from getting too comfortable. Don’t forget to get rid of any debris and overgrown foliage. Bees will look for shelter to build a hive, and the last thing you need is a surprise when taking out the lawn mower. 

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