Top 9 New Years Pest Control Resolutions for 2022

December 25, 2021

There’s nothing more gratifying than starting the new year right with ambitious new year resolutions. Here at All Green Pest Control & Lawn Care, it is a “Go big or go home” type of game plan. We’ve compiled a list of the best pest control resolutions for the new year. Kick off the new year with a pest control plan to keep your home and business free from pests in 2022. 

Pest Free New Years Resolutions

A spotless kitchen is a pest free kitchen.

Believe it or not, the kitchen is the first place where pests like to make themselves comfortable. This is because the kitchen serves as a prime source of food and water. To prevent any creepy crawlers and critters from invading your space, make a routine of cleaning up any crumbs and wiping surfaces after every use. 

Seal up any holes and cracks around the place.

Sealing up any potential holes and cracks, especially in hidden nooks and crannies, will help keep any pests from entering your space. These tips make for a good start for the new year, from installing door sweeps to sealing gaps in the floorboards. Not to mention, sealing up any cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home or business is just as important.

Organize the pantry for effortless cooking experiences and pest free meals. 

Keeping an organized and clean pantry is pivotal for preserving any food. Many pests enjoy getting cozy in the pantry, where they can feast on any crumbs and spills. Include the pantry as part of your daily kitchen cleaning routine. 

Clean up the exterior of your home or business. 

The inside cleanliness of your space is just as essential as the outside. During the colder months, pest-proofing is crucial. Pests often make homes out of debris from gutters to loose shingles. Not only do pests claim dead bushes and fallen leaves but also standing water that could lead to ice dams. 

Don’t forget to store holiday decorations properly.

As tedious as it can be to take down any holiday decorations, storing them is the most important piece to maintaining their condition. Some pests will find their way into the packaging and either eat away at it or, worse, create a nest inside. Instead of the typical cardboard boxes, opt for durable plastic containers with airtight lids. 

Store firewood properly.

If you enjoy bonfires or have a fireplace indoors, the last thing you want to do is bring in some pests with the firewood. Pests love woodpiles and tend to make it their go-to hangout spot. For extra pest protection, you’ll want to store any firewood at least 20 feet away from your home. Don’t forget to shake and brush off the firewood before bringing it indoors to avoid any uninvited guests from invading your space.  

Throw away any trash build-up nightly. 

The odor of trash tends to attract pests. You’ll want to keep lids on garbage cans and dispose of any garbage every night. Not to mention, if the garbage is left untouched for days, it could attract pests from all walks of life. 

Declutter your space and the pests will stay away. 

It goes without saying that a clean, decluttered space leaves no room for pests. By decluttering, you are eliminating any potential hiding places for pests. Start your new year fresh and on the right foot with an early spring cleaning to reduce the clutter build-up, especially in those nooks and crannies. 

Create a moisture free environment.

Many pests are attracted to water sources, such as cockroaches. Be sure to survey your home for any leaks and standing water, including checking any crawlspaces. This will help reduce moisture build up that could attract unwanted pests. 

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Make 2022 your year and list out your ideal pest control resolutions. With this list of new year’s resolutions, you have a foundation for success in a pest free space. 

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