Common Pantry Pests You Need To Know About

December 18, 2021

Did you know that one of the most common household insect problems is pantry pests? These creepy crawlers love invading dry goods such as flour, cereal, oatmeal, and other stored foods. They have rightfully earned the name “pantry pests.”

This go-to guide to pantry pests will help identify and prevent a potential pantry pest invasion. First things first, where do these pesky insects come from?

Where do pantry pests come from?

Some household insects come with the goods. Dry goods shipped from other locations could succumb to infestation from their original fulfillment center. This means the food products are infested before it even reaches your front porch. 

Furthermore, this type of infestation is most likely to happen in grocery stores and homes. Some pests can make their way into your home from outside and infest their chosen dry good. Dry foods are most likely to become infested when stored for extended periods. Ideally, you’ll want to change out the product regularly. 

Prevent pantry pests from invading your home

Protect your dry goods at all costs. Swap out your goods every two to four months to prevent some of your stored foods from falling victim to insects. After a shopping trip to the groceries, use the older products before the new ones. Not only does this save you money, but also is less wasteful. 

Do a thorough inspection of all packaging. Whether it’s a food delivery or a trip to the grocery store, you’ll want to be sure to inspect all products and their packaging. All items should be sealed and unopened, and the freshness packaging date for any expirations. 

Check for signs of insects. Easy-to-spot signs of insects invading your dry goods include holes in the packaging or wrapping. Check this upon purchasing the dry goods before storing them in your pantry. 

Clean your pantry before storing dry goods. Not only will a clean pantry make you feel refreshed, but also prevent creepy crawlers from getting too comfortable. This includes cleaning up any crumbs or spilled food. Accidents happen, so be sure to check in the pantry for any spills and leftover crumbs. 

Dispose of expired and unused foods. Throw away any expired products or products that have been gathering dust. We’re all guilty of that box of forgotten foods tucked away in the back corner. 

Common signs you have a pantry pest problem

Often, pantry pests may not always be in your pantry. Not all insects found inside your home are pantry pests. There are different insect infestations, and not all have anything to do with food storage. Here are common signs you may have a pantry pest problem:

  • Caterpillars making their way up your walls and ceilings
  • Caterpillars infesting food packaging with their silk webbing
  • Beetles found around windowsills, cupboards, and counters
  • Small beetles find their way inside the dry good packaging
  • Indian meal moths found flying about in your home

Not to mention, some of the most common pantry pests are moths and beetles. Not to mention, some moths can reach a wingspan of ½ to 1 inch and are most commonly found inside dry goods or flying around your home. 

Inside stored dry foods, you might find their larvae, whitish worms with hints of yellow, pink, or green. Some of their favorite snacks are flour and grain products. On the other hand, beetles can be in various dry food items such as dried fruit, seeds, cereals, spices, pasta, chocolate, and even paper products. 

How to get rid of pantry pests

If you find these pests invading your pantry, there are precautions to take to get rid of them. First and foremost, get rid of their source of food. Next, you’ll want to use a vacuum to clean every nook and cranny of your pantry thoroughly. When emptying the vacuum, be sure to do so in a safe space outside and away from your home. 

Additionally, it can be helpful to seal dry goods in sealable glass, metal, or plastic containers. You can also store some foods in your freezer or refrigerator. Do this until you know for sure the infestation has been taken care of. If you continue to spot some pests around the house, that means you haven’t found the real source of their food.

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