7 Warning Signs You Might Have A Bug Infestation

November 13, 2021

Does the thought of unwanted pests invading your space send chills down your spine? Does it make you want to jump at the idea of waking up in bed with a creepy crawler? If so, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for the telltale signs of a bug infestation. 

If you are a homeowner or business owner, the last thing you want is a bug infestation on your hands. Infestations are bottom-line gross, but they also come with other concerns. 

Bug infestations spread disease and bacteria, which can be hazardous to your health. Not to mention, it can cause structural damage to the building. This article helps you identify the signs that you might have an infestation.

Signs of a bug infestation you should never ignore

The signs can be hard to miss, from bites, droppings to foul odors but leave you scratching your head with raised questions. Here are a few common signs of an infestation to keep an eye out for.

Bites on your body

Bug bites from outside your home or business are normal. However, if you find yourself getting bites from inside, that’s a red flag. Bedbugs are often the culprit, but they can be difficult to see as they are small and like to feast at night. 

For extra measure, inspect your bedding and upholstery. If you have bed bugs, they’re likely making a home in one of these areas that you frequent. 

Foul odors that make no sense

Some insects give off different odors. If your space is no longer smelling clean as it once was, this can be another clear indication that you have an infestation on your hands. Some pests leave an oily, musty smell, while others leave behind a sweet yet nauseating odor. 

If you have a random odd smell lingering in your home or business that you just can’t explain, an infestation could be the underlying cause. 

Residue, tracks, and markings

Some insects tend to follow the same paths, so a trail begins to form. For instance, cockroaches leave a reddish-brown residue which can be commonly spotted in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Often, the grimy buildup can be found in dark, enclosed, humid areas. Search high and low in every nook and cranny, under furniture, near window frames, and along the edges of the walls. 

Dead insects turning up

One might think dead insects are a good thing. However, it could mean that live insects are crawling about your space. If they begin to turn up frequently, you’ll want to do some investigating and determine the type of insect they are. 

Live bugs getting a little too comfortable

If you see live bugs, that is a clear indication that there could be an outbreak. If it starts off with just a few here and there, that is normal. However, if you spot them often, then it could be a more significant problem. 

Ensure that any food that gets left out is sealed properly. Feel free to try home remedies to rid the pests, but if you continue to see no sign of improvement, it might be time to call in the professionals. 

Woodpeckers frequent the area

Woodpeckers are more than just pretty birds to look at. Sometimes, they can be a sign that there’s an infestation considering they prey on insects. They tend to search for carpenter bees.

Sawdust around baseboards and furniture

If there is no construction going on in your space, but yet you find piles of sawdust, this is a clear sign of an ant infestation. Carpenter ants specifically do not eat the wood. Instead, they excavate it to create nests. In the end, this can cause structural damage to a building. 

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