8 Lawn Care Tips And Tricks For The Perfect Lawn

November 5, 2021

There’s nothing quite like a freshly tended lawn. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or this isn’t your first rodeo, maintaining your lawn is a great feeling. We’ve put together some expert lawn care tips and tricks that will leave your lawn looking perfect.

Lawn care tips and tricks for a healthier lawn


1. Avoid mowing your lawn too short.

The length of your lawn grass matters. Mowing your grass too short can ultimately damage it, causing it to turn a yellow-brown color. Why does this happen? 

Well, the grass is the heart of your lawn, and when cut too short, it prevents it from getting the energy it needs. The good rule of thumb is to trim your grass no more than ⅓ of the way. 

2. Try watering in the morning.

An ideal time to water your lawn is in the early morning. When the sun comes out, it will help dry the grass, while watering at night can be damaging. Prolonging the moisture buildup will create harmful diseases to your lawn. 

Instead of leaving water to sit for hours at night, try tending the lawn at an early point in the morning before the day starts. It’s helpful to create a lawn care schedule that helps you keep track of watering the lawn.

3. Get familiar with your soil.

Testing your soil is a good starting point because what happens below ground depends on the surface attention above. Maintaining healthy pH levels will ensure your lawn continues to thrive. 

Consider purchasing a test kit at your local agricultural office and taking soil samples of any problem areas. The lab will help provide valuable tips on how to get your lawn back on track for success. 

4. Research the best grasses for your area.

It is best to research the best grasses suited for your region, from flows, shrubs, to grasses; their climate preferences matter. Some greenery may thrive best in the colder seasons than the warm seasons and vice versa. For instance, Kentucky bluegrass flourishes in cooler temperatures while Bermudagrass looks its best in the warmer seasons.

5. Prevent weeds before they sprout.

Weed maintenance is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Consider implementing preventive herbicides to stop weeds from having a chance of sprouting. Having a lawn care schedule will help remind you of the best time to add the pre-emergent herbicides.

6. Good lawn care starts with good nutrients.

Just like humans, your lawn requires proper nutrition to live a long, happy life. A soil test will help determine how many pounds of nitrogen are needed to keep your lawn looking fresh. 

Ideally, you want to fertilize your lawn with either a liquid or granular fertilizer at least once a year. A good fertilizer will provide actual nitrogen percentage levels and other nutrients that are needed. Avoid overfeeding your lawn as this can cause fungal problems and weaken the growth rate of your lawn. 

7. Remove troublesome debris from your lawn.

Debris can include anything from leaves, twigs, trash to pine cones. Debris left unattended will block the natural sunlight, ultimately preventing your grass from growing. Ensuring your lawn is clean regularly will help keep it looking healthy and easier to mow. 

8. Do not overseed your lawn.

It is all about the timing. Plan ahead of time when to seed your lawn in line with the seasons. This will help determine the best time to plant your grass. Proper seeding will help eliminate issues later down the road.

Be patient and get familiar with the seed tag and who you are buying the seed from. The contents in your seeding matter, and while some may look great, they could have harmful contents. Proper seeding leaves to a more sustainable lawn with increased resistance.

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