8 Common Pest Control Urban Myths Debunked

October 22, 2021

A myth is a symbolic narrative that shares fascinating insight into people or a social phenomenon. Although myths are seemingly false, they tend to stem from actual events. While some insects get a bad rap from time to time, pest control has a few myths of its own.

There are a ton of amusing myths about pests and pest control, and many people believe them to this day. Here are 8 of our favorite pest control myths debunked. 

Myth #1: Pests mean a dirty environment.

If you walk in the room and spot cockroaches or ants, your thoughts may jump to the conclusion that the place is dirty. This myth is a widely used misconception and could not be farther from the truth in most cases. There could be many other reasons why insects inhabit a living space unrelated to your cleanliness.

Myth #2: Only cheese attracts mice.

Contrary to belief, cheese is not the answer for attracting mice. While mice will happily feed on almost any food, cheese is low on their preference list. We have cartoons to blame for this misconception. It turns out that mice prefer sweeter foods such as peanut butter, honey, and other high-carb snacks. 

Myth #3: DIY pest control can solve a bed bug problem.

Bed bugs are a unique problem in their own right. These pesky critters can be hard to identify in the first place, making it almost impossible to be rid of them. Once your eye catches these pests, a bed bug infestation can happen quite quickly as these pests are known to multiply at alarming rates. 

For these reasons, it is incredibly difficult to get rid of them on your own. If you spot these pests, don’t hesitate to contact your local pest control company to set things straight. 

Myth #4: Moles do not have eyes.

Even up close and personal, moles may look blind to the naked eye. However, these creatures do have eyes and are not blind. Moles rely heavily on their eyesight for sensing light and moving about above and underground.

Myth #5: Bees only sting one time.

This legendary myth says bees can only sting you once. Although, this myth relates to some truth. Honeybees are the only type of bee family that can sting you once. Other types of bees can sting more than once. 

Myth #6: Daddy longlegs are toxic.

As creepy as these long-legged creatures are, they are completely harmless. Rumor has it that these little critters are poisonous. However, the small fangs they do have are not long enough to puncture and do not contain any venom. 

Myth #7: Pests will leave on their own.

This myth is one of the biggest to exist about pest control. If pests force their way into your space, they’re not going anywhere unless they are given reason to. Spotting one, maybe two cockroaches might seem like nothing, but this could be the start of an irritating infestation in the near future. 

It is critical that you take action as soon as possible at the sight of any potential pests before it becomes a more significant issue. When in doubt, contact our friendly team at All Green Pest Control. 

Myth #8: If you don’t see them, it’s not a problem.

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Not entirely. Even if you don’t see the bugs at first, that doesn’t mean they are not there. You might have a spotless environment, but there will always be an open door for pests to come in and make themselves comfortable without regular pest control treatments. 

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Regardless of what you’ve heard from the grapevine, pest control is a necessary pest management process to help you get rid of unwelcome pests. Our job is to ensure you return to a comfortable and pest-free environment as quickly and safely as possible. If these creepy crawlers disrupt your life, don’t hesitate and contact our professional team at All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care. We’ll put together a solid plan for pest removal while delivering quality service. Contact us today at 801-477-1289 for a quote, or feel free to visit our website for additional information on the services we provide.