5 Practical Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

September 17, 2021

There is nothing more relaxing than sleeping in your bed after a long day. But things can take a turn for the worse when bed bugs decide to invade your personal space, disrupting your peaceful sleeping habits. The good news is there are a few ways to get rid of bed bugs, and this article shares some of the most practical tips for elimination. 

While there are several ways to get rid of these insects, many prove ineffective in the long term. When in doubt, consider hiring a professional pest control company. We take your comfort seriously at All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care and use advanced procedures to avoid these pesky bugs. 

If you are in trouble with bed bugs invading your home, keep reading for some practical ways to get rid of them.  

What Are Bed Bugs?

Before we deep dive into the good stuff, let’s cover some of the basics. For instance, what exactly are bed bugs, and why should you care about them? For one, they are one of the worst pests to have and can get a little too close for comfort. 

Bed bugs are tiny, brown insects that are usually flat and oval-shaped. Similar to mosquitos, they tend to feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. Due to their significantly small size, it can be challenging to spot them as their body size enables them to fit in even the tiniest crevices. 

Some of their favorite hideaways include, but are not limited to, box springs, bedding, bed frames, and mattresses. Hence, the name “bed bugs.”

How to Eliminate and Prevent Bed Bugs

The bite of a bed bug can cause a lot of discomforts. While they do not tend to carry any disease-ridden pathogens, they can surely result in extensive itching, making you overall uncomfortable in your own home. Here are some ways to get rid of bed bugs before they get too comfortable.


It can be easier said than done, but one of the easiest ways to prevent bed bugs is to cut down on the clutter. Downsizing can include anything from minimizing the amount of clothing and accessories lying around to donating items that are no longer needed.

By decluttering, there are fewer places for bed bugs to call home. They especially enjoy hiding in dark corners. Some other places bed bugs look for are cardboard boxes. It can be helpful in this case to consider replacing these with plastic storage bins. 

Take Precautions With Your Bedding

If you spot bed bugs in your bedroom, it can be helpful to isolate your bed by moving it a few inches away from the wall. When it comes to linens, always wash and dry the bedding at the manufacturer’s recommended highest settings.

You can also find bed bug mattress protectors to help preserve your mattress and box spring. If you raise your bed off the ground with a bed frame, regularly sweep underneath to avoid dust build-up. 

Vacuum Regularly

An accessible and simple way to naturally be rid of bed bugs is to vacuum on a regular basis. While this will not entirely eliminate the insects, it can definitely reduce the amount of them. Vacuums are perfect for getting into those tight spaces in upholstery where bed bugs like to hide. 

Essential Oils

If you are looking for a natural way to prevent bed bugs, essential oils are a great place to start. Some essential oils are great for repelling other insects such as spiders and mosquitos. However, if you are witnessing an infestation take over your home, you will need more than essential oils to get the job done. 

Hire a Professional Pest Control Expert

When in doubt, trust the experts. Many pest control companies provide bed bug services that will help eliminate the infestation. It can also be helpful to hire the pros before the issue becomes an infestation. If you leave a bed bug issue untreated, it could become a costly expense later. 

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