Ultimate Guide to Pest Prevention for Your Home and Business

September 3, 2021

When pests invade your space, whether at home or in the workplace, it can become an inconvenience. Not only do these creepy crawlers pose a potential health risk, but depending on the type of pests, they can cause detrimental damage to the structure of the building. With a focus on safety and proactivity, keep reading to find out how to implement pest prevention methods so that you can continue living your life in comfort

Why You Need Pest Control for Your Property

First and foremost, is pest control necessary? The short answer is yes. Whether performed by a professional or a DIY pest control cocktail, pest control is essential to protect your space from harmful pests. 

These pests can come in all shapes, sizes, and species, from cockroaches to crickets to spiders and more. Even if you spot just a few pests here and there, pest control measures should be immediately implemented to prevent a potential infestation. Once an infestation begins, it can be much more challenging to rid those pesky pests and often more costly. 

Survey The Surrounding Area

The initial step to preventing pest infestations is to determine exactly where the sources can be. Where on the property are these critters most likely to enter and call home? No building is flawless, so insects can easily make their way into the space through crawl spaces or holes you might not have known even existed. Here are some of the most common places to check for pests throughout the space:

  • Doors and Windows
  • Walls and Ceiling 
  • Vents and Ducts
  • Roofing and Siding

Pests tend to find comfort in snug and dark places. Once they have found a secure and safe space, they will use it to nest, feed, and grow in numbers, ultimately leading to a full-on invasion that will make daily life for the inhabitants in the building quite uncomfortable. 

Pest Prevention for Indoors

When pests manage to make their way indoors, the result can be unforgiving. It is essential to enforce preventive tactics to keep your family, friends, and pets safe indoors. After all, a home is supposed to be a haven from any harmful entities that intrude from outside.

Consider sealing around doors and windows to prevent insects from creating pathways into the building for extra measure. Ensure that the screens for windows are correctly fitted with no gaps around the edges and apply weather stripping to defend from pests and against weather elements. An easy prevention tip is to seal using caulk on any cracks or holes near door and window frames. 

If you come across any missing vent caps or damaged window screens, strive to fix those immediately. If the opportunity presents itself, insects will gain entry without hesitation, meaning there is no time to waste. Regularly sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors as well as any corners and baseboards.

Pest Prevention for Outdoors

Sometimes, enforcing preventative measures outdoors can be forgotten. However, it is more common for insects to get cozy outdoors than one might expect. Trimming overgrown trees, shrubs, and other loose vegetation will prevent the greenery from touching your property. 

Some fruits, vegetables, and other plants can attract pests. Ensure that any gardens do not include some of these plants. At the least, have some plants that can defend from pests. Additionally, it can be helpful to clean out any gutters and dispose of the debris that builds up around the property. 

When in Doubt, Hire a Pest Control Professional

There may be instances where the infestation has gotten out of hand, or perhaps you might not want to deal with the issue yourself. Fortunately, that is what Pest Control professionals specialize in. If there is an infestation, it can be pretty challenging to remove pests, so there might not be any other choice but to hire a professional to do the work. 

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This ultimate guide to pest prevention prepares you with the foundational elements so that you can take action to get rid of those pesky pests. If you spot even a few insects, it is beneficial to contact a professional to take care of the dirty work. At All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care, we take your safety very seriously and provide extensive pest control services to have your property back to normal. 

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