How Do I Protect My Home From Pests

July 15, 2020

There comes a time each summer (or perhaps even spring!) where homeowners realize yet again that they need to be proactive in protecting their home from pests. Nearly every area and climate suffer from some type of insect or varmint life that can interfere with their home’s safety and comfort. How can you deter pests from your home?

It’s not just about leaving the door open or leaving enticing crumbs. There are specific strategies you can use to protect your home from pests. Keep your home more comfortable, clean, and safe from the damage caused by invasive pests.

9 Ways to Protect Your Home From Pests

You may find that some strategies are not effective for your home, but a certain combination of these strategies works wonders. Try what works for you.

1. Seal It Up

Loose or worn weatherstripping around doors and windows is an open invitation for pests to come into your home. Get new sealing around all the openings of your home to stop the trespassing.

2. Trim Well

Overgrown shrubs and trees attract more pests and provide shelter for insects and animals alike. Be especially wary of any plants that actually touch the exterior of your home.

3. Store Attractors Carefully

Did you know that your woodpile for your fire pit lures pests? The same goes for pet food and even bird feeders. Instead, store these carefully at distant points in the yard, away from your home.

4. Find Interior Gaps

Sometimes the entry points aren’t visible from the outside. Check all of the exterior walls but from the inside of your home. Pay close attention to corners and where floors meet the wall. A garage can be a common culprit.

5. Clean Regularly

Crumbs and scents make insects and animals come looking for dinner. Sweep up crumbs, and use a vinegar spray to clean and deter insects from following trails. If you have kids, it’s important to look carefully for unanticipated crumbs and spills.

6. Protect Openings

There are some openings to your home that you can’t completely seal off, such as dryer vents and chimneys. However, you can get grates and mesh covers that can allow for airflow without inviting in pests.

7. Use Natural Deterrents

If you have young children or pets, you may be concerned about harsh chemicals. Many household products can be used to prevent pests. For example, spiders can be deterred with bananas, dust mites with essential oils like lavender, ants with cornmeal or baby powder, and many insects and animals repelled by coffee grounds.

8. Manage Humidity

Spiders are notorious for invading humid areas. Use a dehumidifier in basements and confined areas, regularly sweeping away spider webs, and you’ll find that spiders and their friends will die out or relocate.

9. Pest Control

The very best way to prevent pests is to use a tested and proven pest control service. Our methods deter pests and then eradicate them over time, keeping your home clean and safe.

Pest Control You Can Trust

You don’t have to live with the constant irritation and cleanup of household pests. Let All Green Pest Control help you manage insects, animals, and any pest that comes your way with our professional care.