The Damage Gophers, Moles, and Groundhogs Create

October 16, 2019

Burrowing rodents seem cute and harmless enough, right? Truth be told, these small, furry creatures have the potential of destroying your entire garden. Are you able to tell the differences between gophers, moles, and groundhogs? On the surface, these rodents might all sound like they’re the same animal, but they only share a few similarities. 

As far as similarities go, these rodents all feast on your plants, damage your plants’ roots, and they ruthlessly excavate. An easy way to tell which kind of rodent is responsible for the damage in your garden is by observing the holes in your yard. However, if you don’t specialize in removing rodents for a living, these holes will all look the same to you. Your next option is telling these rodents apart is based on their appearance, but that’s nearly impossible because burrowing rodents love to play hide-and-seek. Here is a guide to help you identify the damage that each one of these creatures is capable of. 

Gopher Damage

You’ll know you’re dealing with gophers when you begin to notice horseshoe-shaped mounds popping up in your backyard. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, these dirt piles only represent superficial damage—the worst is yet to come. Gophers cause two different types of damage to your yard when they dig their underground tunnels. First of all, underground gopher tunnels will ruin the integrity of your entire backyard. This is devastating because you’ve spent a significant amount of time cultivating your beautiful backyard. Secondly, these tunnels run the risk of caving in, and this will lead to deeper holes that threaten to ruin your yard’s uniformity. Say goodbye to your lustrous yard, as gophers are known for pulling blades of grass down through the soil. 

Mole Damage

A mole is an insectivore that is up to 8 inches in length and has large, sharp claws. Moles usually live alone, so the multi-tunneled pattern that’s taking over your hard was probably created by a single mole. Can you imagine the disaster that multiple moles will create? The horror! Worst of all, moles are continually building new feeding tunnels, and they refuse to use the same tunnel twice. This mess leads to round and symmetrical entry and exit mounds that are pushed up like a volcano. Homeowners often make the mistake of confusing mole damage with gopher damage, but remember, gophers devour plants and roots. 

Groundhog Damage

Damage caused by groundhogs usually presents itself as multiple holes with large piles of dirt at the entrance. Beyond being a nuisance, these holes are a safety hazard to your family. Groundhog holes are intricate, and there are several chambers within one single hole. An average groundhog excavates over 700 pounds of dirt for one den. These pests aren’t going to create just one den in your yard, as they can create up to five dens in one single territory. Groundhogs don’t lack any confidence, so they’ll have no problem using your backyard as their own personal salad bar. They’re not afraid of climbing up your trees to munch on your apples and pears. 

Small rodents, as innocuous as they may look, are not your friend. Liberate your garden of these pests today. If you’re looking for residential or commercial pest control services, contact All Green Pest Control.