DIY Termite Removal: Why It’s Not an Option

September 5, 2019

Termites are small insects that are infamous for feeding on wood and causing significant structural damage to houses. Pest control companies and etymology departments receive more inquiries about termite removal than they do for any other pest in the United States. These pests seem inescapable, as there are 50 different types of termite species that have been discovered in the United States alone. All the different types of termites can be categorized into three categories: subterranean termites, damp termites, and dry wood termites. 

Subterranean termites are destructive and live in cooperative societies consisting of millions of termites. Damp wood termites are the largest termites, and they form their colonies in decaying wood. Dry wood termites can chew through support beams, floors, and walls. Every type of termite is detrimental to your home and they must be taken care of before they get the chance to cause expensive damage. 

What Threat Do Termites Pose?

Not only are there large termites that are hard for you to miss, but there are also winged termites that can swarm into your home in packs within seconds. One of the few redeeming qualities about termites is that they do not bite humans; however, this does not make them any less dangerous to your living space. While termites don’t directly spread diseases, their activity causes indirect harm. Your home could end up inhabitable once colonies of termites invite themselves in. Other pests that are directly harmful to humans, such as rats and roaches, will have access to your home through large holes in your walls created by termites. 

What Can I Do To Rid My Home Of Termites?

If you are looking to get those pesky termites out of your home, you can try doing it on your own first. There are effective foams and insecticides that you can use to oust termites, but the downside to using these products is that you’ll have to vacate your home for some time to avoid exposure to the poison. While there are products that can get rid of termites quickly, these insecticides should not be treated as a permanent solution for termite removal. These products should only be treated as a temporary method while you get a hold of pest control experts. 

Additionally, there are also home remedies that you can look into that claim to kill termites, such as orange oil and saltwater—however, none of these at-home methods have been validated by authoritative sources. Both methods require you to inject the substances directly into the area where the termite infestation started, and it will not be easy pinpointing this exact location. In reality, you might even feel too disgusted to even touch the original source of termite infestation. 

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites are a problem that cannot be fully solved at home if you are not a professional. If you don’t urgently handle a termite invasion, you run the risk of having your home condemned and destroyed. Residents of Salt Lake County and Utah County experiencing a termite infestation can count on All Green Pest Control for their termite removal needs. Contact our professional pest control team today for your free consultation.