3 Best Fruit Trees To Have In Your Yard

June 12, 2018


Planting trees in your yard can be a big commitment. Depending on the type and size they can make a big impact on your budget, and depending on the type of tree they can make an even bigger impact in your yard.


Besides offering shade, privacy, and beauty, you can also get trees to produce a sweet snack. That’s right, fruit trees! But choosing the right fruit tree can be a little overwhelming. Will it survive in your yard? Will it require lots of pruning and other care?


Which type of fruit will grow best? Here are a few gardening ideas to help you find the three best fruit trees to have in your yard.


#1. Apple


Who doesn’t love a juicy, crunchy apple? Imagine going out to your yard and picking an apple to eat, rather than having to drive to the store to get one! Apple trees can grow in almost any soil, just make sure it is well-drained and has plenty of sun. When it comes to gardening for beginners, an apple tree is a great choice because it is so easy to grow. It’s also a great choice in Utah because it handles summer droughts very well. You can buy them in the standard size which will grow to about 25 feet tall and wide, a semi-dwarf (10-20 feet) and a dwarf size which will only be up to eight feet tall and wide. A gardening tip… the smaller trees bear fruit at a young age so choose a dwarf or semi-dwarf if you want those apples sooner.

#2: Apricot


Beginner gardeners may become overwhelmed with pruning, which makes an Apricot tree the perfect choice. Apricot trees are best left unpruned to avoid disease or only pruned a little bit every year or so. They’re hardy trees that don’t like very rainy weather, making them perfect for the dry, Utah climate. They’re less needy than other fruit trees. They are the low-maintenance fruit tree that is also a very attractive choice for your yard!

#3: Plums


Another reliable fruit tree option for your yard are plum trees. They are hardy, less prone to disease, and need less watering than many others. They may not grow as much fruit as other trees, but this can be a bonus if you’re worried about being overwhelmed with the amount of fruit you have on hand. There are also many varieties to choose from so you can get a unique look and flavor that will do well in your specific zone.


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