May 14, 2018


You’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating a lawn that is lush, full, and green.

Unfortunately, there are some critters who don’t share your vision. Gophers and moles can leave your beautiful lawn full of holes, divots, and tunnels. Needless to say, gophers and moles are not animals you want making your yard their home.

Fortunately, there are a few do-it-yourself pest control options that can help you get rid of these pesky critters. There are some less and more aggressive options for rodent control that you can try depending on your comfort level. Here are a few of the best ways to get rid of gophers and moles.   


Make Some Noise


One way to try to get rid of gophers is a pretty easy one… just make some noise! Gophers are very sensitive to loud noises so you can drive them out by adding wind chimes or even putting a radio in your yard to annoy them. Concentrate the noise near tunnel entrances to get the best effects.


Pet Waste


One way to get rid of moles is to use your pet’s waste. Much like humans, they do not like pest waste. So, after your cat or dog does their business, move their waste next to tunnel entrances and the moles will be forced to find somewhere else to call home.

If you don’t like the idea of putting pet waste down the holes try an organic repellent instead.




If you’re looking for a more aggressive approach, poisons are another way to take care of gophers and moles. These pests feed off of insects, grubs, and worms so by using a pesticide to kill their food source they will be forced to leave your lawn. But, to avoid them searching your yard more vigorously in search of food once their source is gone, you’ll also need to follow up with some sort of poison to repel the moles and gophers. You can also use poison to simply kill the gophers or moles. While these options can be effective, they are also the most dangerous choices. If you have young children or pets, you may want to think twice before resorting to this option.


If you’re really not comfortable with a do-it-yourself pest or rodent control, you may feel a little lost. If the only thing stopping you from hiring a professional is the fear of pest control costs, it’s time to do more research into local exterminator prices. There are many affordable options when it comes to pest and rodent control. And when you hire a professional company to take care of your pest control needs, you’ll be getting the expertise that is required to get rid of your pests for good.


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