Push vs. Ride Lawn Mower

April 11, 2018

It’s almost that time of year when homeowners wipe the dust from their lawn mowers and get to work! There’s nothing like the smell of fresh-cut grass in the summertime, but to get that wonderful scent and a healthy lawn you’re going to need to have the right kind of lawn mower.
If you start to shop around, you’ll soon find that there are many different varieties to choose from. There are riding lawn mowers at Lowe’s, Troy lawn mowers, several options available from Walmart lawn & garden, and even used lawn garden tractors!
Before deciding which brand or retailer is right, it’s a good idea to decide on which type of lawn mower will work best for you. Push vs. ride lawn mower — there are many pros and cons to both. Along with reading Troy Bilt push mower reviews, and Troy Bilt riding mowers reviews, read a little bit more about push vs. ride mowers below.

Push Lawn Mower
One of the greatest pros when it comes to push lawn mowers is that there are many affordable options. If you’re on a budget or know you’ll have other large home expenses in the near future, a push lawn mower is a great choice.
Part of your lawn mower cost consideration should also be fuel consumption. While it shouldn’t cost too much for a little extra fuel, your push lawn mower is going to take less gas than a riding lawn mower. So again, a push lawn mower may be the more affordable option.
As the name implies, a push lawn mower requires effort; you’re going to need to push that lawnmower over every blade of grass you want mowed. Some really enjoy the exercise and chance to get out and move. While others may find it tedious and tiresome. If you have any health concerns or are short on time, a push lawn mower may be too much work for you.
Push mowers are great for small yards, particularly those that have intricate gardens or features that require maneuverability.

Ride Lawn Mower
While they are more expensive and require more gasoline than a push lawn mower, you can’t deny some of the benefits of a riding lawn mower. For one, they are downright relaxing to use. Just grab a hat, pop in your headphones to listen to some tunes, and sit back and get to work. A riding lawn mower may mean that what once was a chore now because a little weekly escape from other household chores.
If you have a wide open lawn that seems to (or actually does) go on for acres and acres, a riding lawn mower is going to be the best choice for your lawn. You’ll easily get straight lines in a fraction of the time it may have taken with a push mower.
When aren’t riding lawn mowers the best choice? If you have small spaces where it’ll be hard to fit or steep hills.

If neither of these sound like a great option for you when it comes to keeping your grass tidy, considering hiring a professional lawn care service to take care of your lawn for you. My All Green can handle everything from maintenance to fertilization, to even pest control! Give them a call today.