What You Should Plant This Spring

March 26, 2018


Watching your daffodils and tulips pop up in the spring after carefully planting them the previous fall is very exciting. You waited all winter long and now your hard work is finally paying off. Your efforts seem to be doubled as the bright colors and sunshine greet you and passerbyers after months of dark and dreary cold.


It’s less exciting, however, if you weren’t able to get your bulbs in the ground before the flurries flew. But not to worry! Even though spring has sprung, there are plenty of ways to add life to your garden that you can enjoy during the summer, and even fall, months. Here’s what you should plant this spring.


Plants and Flowers


One of the first things you should check when choosing which flowers to plant in the springtime is which native flowers your nearest Walmart lawn & garden center, or the local nursery carry. Because they are used to the environment, they will be more likely to do well. Annuals are also a great choice; they are less maintenance and will continue to come back year after year.


A few examples of great plants or flowers to add to your lawn & garden this spring are Hostas, Red Hot Pokers (which are a vibrant and interesting flower that can make dramatic changes to your garden) and Bear’s Breeches. Pansies are a great flower to plant in the spring because they love the cold weather. Bloodroot is a quaint little white flower that will give you blooms until late spring, making it a great option.


Fruits and Vegetables


Besides adding color to your landscape, spring is also a great time to plant your fruits and vegetables! April isn’t too late to get some tomatoes and peppers planted, and is a great time to plant cucumber, beets, raspberries, melon, and a variety of herbs. In fact, there are many vegetables and fruits that can be planted in the spring. If you’re looking to save a little money on your grocery budget this summer, get planting!



If you’re looking to plant more seed for new or fuller lawn, fall isn’t your only option. In fact, planting in spring has it’s benefits too! This is especially true if you’re planting warm-season grasses. Here are a few popular varieties of self repairing cool season grasses.




If you’re tired of dealing with lawn problems, you may want to consider replacing part or all of your lawn with easy-to-grow ground cover. White Clover is one options, as is Creeping Jenny or Moss-Sprague, of a low-maintenance ground cover that will add new life to your lawn & garden. They are great to plant in the springtime.


But before giving up hope completely, give My All Green a call. Their trained professionals can help you with your lawn and garden care, giving you the break you need while giving your lawn new life. Whether it’s fertilizing treatments or just having someone help out with the lawn mowing, My All Green will help you achieve your best lawn yet!