Prime Time to Get Your Lawn Off to a Great Start This Spring

March 12, 2018


It’s that time of year again when rainy days are signs of warm weather and life soon to come to your lawn & garden! Not only are most people anxious to see their spring bulbs pop up, but for many homeowners it’s a time to watch for those blades of grass to perk up and come back to life after a long winter season.


But rather than just sitting back and hoping for the best, there is plenty you can do to ensure your lawn is it’s most lush and vibrant this summer. Now is prime time to get your lawn off to a great start this spring… here’s how.


Clean Up


Before you begin doing anything with your lawn you’ll want to take some time to do a little bit of spring cleaning. Take a walk around your yard (once the ground is no longer soggy to avoid compacting the soil) and pick up any debris that may have collected there throughout the winter months. Be sure to rake up any dead leaves you may have missed before the snow started to fall. You also want to pick up any branches that may have broken and fallen from trees laden with snow. If you notice any grass problems like dead spots, be sure to rake out the dead sections as well. It is important to remove anything that may block the sunlight from reaching your lawn or allow healthy blades to begin growing.


Neutralize and Fertilize


After the debris has been cleaned up, you may want to consider testing the soil in your lawn for it’s acidity level, or pH. After winter your lawn may have too much of some nutrients and not enough of others. The way to neutralize too much or too little nutrients is with fertilizer, calcium, and humates. In fact, part of what makes spring prime time for your lawn is the administration of macro and micro based fertilizers! For the best lawn care you’ll want to make sure your grass has enough nitrogen to handle the rapid growth you want to see in spring.





If you had to rake and remove a few dead spots in your lawn you’ll want to reseed your lawn to make sure you have a an even blanket of grass to enjoy this summer. Here are a few of our favorite cool season grasses.


Call in  a Professional


If you had major issues with your lawn last year, or simply want to up your basic lawn care maintenance to the next level, you may want to consider hiring a company that specializes in lawn care services. My All Green specializes in both pest control and lawn care in Utah. They use the most effective and the safest products available, all administered by licensed professionals to get you the results you want. If you want a lawn that is the talk of the town, follow the above steps to get your lawn off to a great start and then give My All Green a call to ensure it stays in great condition all summer long.