Is Winter Lawn Care Necessary?

December 12, 2017


Some people find mowing their lawn an enjoyable, and even relaxing chore. Others can’t wait for winter to roll around because it means they get several months off from their lawn-mowing duties. But just because you’re not mowing your lawn during the winter months, does that mean you’re totally off the hook? Is winter lawn care necessary? While it definitely isn’t as intensive as spring and summer lawn care, there are a few things you can do for your lawn during the wintertime to promote a green, luscious lawn that you can enjoy all spring and summer long.


Winter Fertilization


You may not realize it, but winter is a great time to fertilize your lawn. In fact, it is the most important treatment for your lawn if you want lasting health and proper blade development. As the weather gets colder, your lawn’s blades will begin to grow more slowly and they will eventually become dormant. The roots, however, continue to grow as fall leaves drop and even into early winter! Proper root development is what will ultimately give you a thick, healthy, and green lawn in the spring. The best way to ensure root development is with a winterizing treatment.


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Final Mowing


You may have already put away your lawn mower, but if you haven’t and snow has yet to fly, you can strategically mow your lawn for the last few times before winter to help give your lawn a foot up come spring. Ideally you want your lawn to be shorter during the winter. This prevents unwanted pests, particularly mice, from making your long blades of grass a warm cozy home during the winter. Instead, as you begin winding down your lawn care for the season, gradually lower your lawn mowing blade. This will ensure that you don’t shock your lawn by taking off too much of the blade at once. This can also cut down on blade damage during the winter.


Keep it Safe


During the winter it is important to use your sidewalk or driveway as a path for walking rather than your dormant lawn. Treading on your “sleeping” lawn will cause damage that may be irreversible come spring and summer. Make sure you keep your sidewalk and driveway clear of snow and ice so that no one is tempted to use your lawn as a pathway instead, and never ever use your lawn as a place to park vehicles or other heavy machinery.


Keep it Clear


Another way to care for your lawn is simply by keeping it clear of debris or other objects that may be easily forgotten under a thick blanket of snow. If toys, branches, or other objects stay on the lawn all winter they can easily create dead spots that will have to be torn out and replanted in the spring/summer.