Humane Rodent Traps

November 27, 2017

Finding mice in your home can be a very disconcerting discovery. Besides nibbling their way through your pantry, they can also bring some very dangerous diseases into your home. Mice aren’t the only rodent that can cause problems in your home. Rats and other small animals may try to make their way into your home during the winter months to seek refuge from the cold and enjoy an easy-to-scavenge meal.

While you don’t want these critters in your home, you may not feel comfortable with some of the extermination options available. The good news is that there are gentler methods of keeping your home free from rodents, without having to clean up rodent carcass. Here are ideas for human rodent traps.

Trap #1. Better Security

One easy way to avoid trapping rodents in an unpleasant manner is to keep them out of your home in the first place.  This may not be possible for all homes, especially older ones, but the more secure your home is the less likely they’ll be able to get in and create a problem. Ideally, before you have a rodent problem (or before you begin trapping) talk a walk around the exterior of your home. Be sure to look high and low for any cracks in your foundation, brick, or siding. Remember, rodents don’t need much space to squeeze through a wall and gain entry. No matter how small the opening, stuff it with steel wool and use an outdoor caulk to seal it up.

Trap #2. Smart Mouse Home

Give your temporary guest a little home of their own while they wait to be transported to their next destination with a smart mouse home. Simply put a little bait inside and when the mouse enters the home, the door will shut behind it keeping it trapped. Simply release the mouse, clean out the house, and reuse!

Trap #3. Sonic Rodent Repellent

While technically not a trap, a rodent repellant is a great way to avoid inhumane rodent traps. Simply plug the sonic repellent in and go about your business! You won’t hear it working, but those mice and rodents sure will. It will create a sound that mice can’t stand, keeping them from getting too close to the sound source.

Trap #4. Mouse Cube

Another option similar to many on the market, the Mouse Cube is a plastic rodent trap that allows the critter to push the door in and enter the cube, but are unable to get back out. If you want to take this trap to the next level, you may want to consider drilling some holes in the thick plastic. If not, you’ll want to release the rodent quickly as it will have a hard time breathing after a few hours.

If setting up a human (or non-humane) trap is too much of a hassle, why not hire a professional to do it for you? My All Green offers pest control services and can secure your home while ridding it of any rodents. Don’t wait to rid your home of rodents; call My All Green today!