Myths About Lawn Care

July 11, 2017

Each summer, the pursuit of full and vibrant lawn can easily take up hours of your time. In fact, some homeowners will do just about anything to get the best lawn on the block! This may mean trying out some new methods. But just because the information is out there doesn’t mean it’s good. There are actually many misconceptions when it comes to green grass, so before you invest your time and money, make sure you know these myths about lawn care.


Myth: It’s best to plant your lawn in the spring.

While it’s true that spring is the time to plant many things, your lawn isn’t necessarily one of them. In the spring when flowers and shrubs are awakening, so are weeds. The danger with planting your lawn in the springtime is that it will have to compete with the weeds for a home in your yard. Instead, planting your lawn in the fall will avoid this problem as weeds will be dormant. As an added bonus, you’ll also get much more consistent temperatures!


Myth: You should always remove your grass clippings.

There is some truth to this, but it’s actually a good idea to leave some clippings on your lawn! Your lawn clippings can serve as a natural fertilizer, giving back nutrients to your lawn. If you’ve fertilized, you can actually return some of those same nutrients you paid for back to your lawn for a second dose through your grass clippings. The problem with leaving your grass clippings is when you do it in clumps of piles. As long as your lawn still has access to sunlight and it can breathe, you’ll avoid thatch or rot.


Myth: Just fertilize your lawn in the spring.

There isn’t just one good time to fertilize. In fact, there are several times a year when your lawn can benefit from some extra nutrients! The best time to fertilize will also depend on the type of grass you have. Different lawns can get more out of fertilizing at different times. Choosing when to fertilize is best determined by professionals. If you want the best in lawn care and pest control, look no further than My All Green. With their help, you can decide which fertilizer treatment is best for you. If you’re looking to fertilize your lawn in Utah, it needs to be done by a professional with the knowledge and experience to achieve the best-looking lawn possible. My All Green has what it takes no matter what time of year it’s applied, or which treatment they use.


Myth: Cutting grass short means I’ll have to mow less often.

While this may be technically true, if you cut your lawn super short it may not live to see the next mowing! When you cut your lawn very short you run the risk of damaging the blades and leaving it vulnerable to the scorching summer sun. Your lawn won’t be able to soak up the moisture it needs before it evaporates and you’ll be left with a very unhealthy lawn. Take a little extra time, keep your lawn a little longer, and mow it more often.