How To Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer

June 26, 2017

Summer is the time for summer nights in the backyard eating s’mores, the smell of freshly mowed lawn, and running through the sprinklers. All of those activities are less desirable when you have crunchy, brown lawn! Arguably, one of the best things about summer is a green lawn. But it doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes effort and patience, but it is doable. To help you enjoy your hot days and cool evenings, here’s how to keep your lawn green this summer!


  1. Water Your Lawn Right
    Watering your lawn is the best way to get a green lawn in the summertime. But not all watering is equal! How much water you use and when you water will make a huge difference when it comes to the color of your lawn. This summer, make sure you are watering your water during the most beneficial time, which is in the morning. At that time, your lawn will absorb more water. With the help of sunlight and photosynthesis, this will give your lawn the most optimal chance to grow. Watering out night means you miss out on that necessary sunlight. When your lawn just sits and stays damp, it can also make it vulnerable to disease. Watering during the middle of the day means your water will evaporate before it has a chance to do any good. So the best time to water is in the morning hours. (Unless you’re running through them, then the middle of the day is a great time to cool off!)


  1. Fertilize Your Lawn
    Just like your lawn needs water, it also needs food. To get optimal root growth, cell wall strength, and to encourage new growth, you’ll want to fertilize your lawn in early or late summer. This will give you the thickest, most luscious lawn possible. My All Green offers these and many other fertilizing treatments throughout Utah. So, whether you are feeding your lawn this summer or want to do an early fall fertilizing treatment, or an early spring treatment, My All Green has you covered.


  1. Mow Your Lawn Regularly
    You want a green lawn this summer, but you don’t want that green lawn to get out of control! To maintain the health of your lawn it is important to mow regularly and mow to the right height. Waiting too long between mows will only clog up your lawn mower making it more difficult. Not only that, but you risk losing a nice clean cut of the blade, which will jeopardize the health of your lawn. Instead, mow about once a week or so to keep it in check. You’ll also want to raise your mower deck just slightly to avoid cutting your lawn too low. If you don’t have enough length your lawn won’t be able to protect itself from the scorching summer sun. Another part of mowing regularly is regular lawn mower maintenance. Be sure to keep your blades sharp and clean to achieve a clean, healthy cut for each blade of grass.