Tips for “Rodent-Proofing” Your Home

May 12, 2017

Rodents are a stubborn nuisance no homeowner wants to deal with. When they infest your home, rodents can cause lots of damage, spread disease, and spoil your food. Those who have ever had an issue with rodents in their home will tell you it is a seemingly never-ending cycle; you find the rodent, you set out baits and traps, you think the problem is gone only to later find more rodents in your home. Instead of falling into this cycle of worry, expensive repairs, and countless trips to the hardware store for poison, you should avoid the problem altogether. Keep those pesky mice, rats, and other small animals away entirely with these tips for rodent-proofing your home!

1. Be On The Lookout

As you begin rodent-proofing your home, you’ll be doing lots of inspecting. As you do so, you’ll want to be on the special lookout for any droppings, urine (you’ll have to use UV flashlight for this), or any gnawing marks. If you find any of these things you’ll want to really focus your rodent-proofing effort in those areas.

2. Inspect Your Foundation

Start from the bottom and work your way up; first you’ll want to inspect your foundation. If there are any holes, cracks, or gaps, you are susceptible to rodents. You’ll want to get those fixed as soon as possible. Wire mesh or black foam are great options.

3. Inspect All Entry Points

All doors, door-frames, windows, and window frames should be thoroughly inspected. Make sure they all close properly! There should be no gap where rodents might be able to get inside. Check the weather stripping to make sure it has a nice, tight seal. You should also make sure that your window and door screens are intact. If you notice any gnawing in these areas, install a kick plate.

4. Inspect Utility Entries

Any area where pipes or wires come into the home can be a potential entryway for rodents. You can use metal rodent guards to keep them at bay.

5. Inspect Your Roof

You need to check your roof for any potential entry points too. Check the ventilators, shingles, and chimney for gaps or cracks. Fill them as soon as possible and put a cap on your chimney if you don’t already have one.

6. Take Care of Your Yard

Your home isn’t the only place you need to inspect and rodent-proof. It is important to keep them out of your yard too! Simple ways to do this is to make sure you seal and close your garbage cans. Remove any debris or clutter that rodents may want to use as a home. This also includes overgrown plants where they can easily hide. Your garage and shed should also be as clean and clutter-free as possible.

Despite your best efforts, if you find yourself with a rodent problem, call a professional to get it under control as quickly as possible. My All Green offers pest control packages that target your entry points, yard, and crease a barrier to keep rodents and pests away. Their pest-control services are guaranteed so you can rest easy knowing your home will be rodent-free. Call today!