Preparing Your Lawn Mower For Spring

April 25, 2017

As each day gets warmer and warmer, your lawn has probably awakened from hibernation and is beginning to look a little unruly. There’s nothing like that first lawn trimming of the season, but before you jump right into it you want to make sure that your lawn mower is in tip top shape! You may think the health of your lawn is dependent upon a quality fertilizer and consistent watering through the summer… which is true. If you haven’t gotten your spring PreEmergent treatment yet, contact My All Green today! But the quality of your lawn also has a lot to do with how you mow and the condition of your lawn mower. So, to help you have the best lawn possible, here’s how to prepare your lawn mower for spring.

Clean the Blades

One of the most important parts to keep clean on your lawn mower are the blades, because they make the biggest impact on the health of your lawn. Each spring you should deep clean the blades and the underneath of your lawn mower to remove all debris and green residue. Ideally you should be spraying your lawn mower down after each use, but spring is a good time to take a closer look and do a deeper clean.

Sharpen the Blades

Once your blades are nice and clean, you’ll want to make sure they are sharp and ready to tackle a full summer of lawn mowing. Make sure your machine is off, then carefully remove the blades If you’re experienced, you can sharpen them yourself. If not, just take them to any hardware store and you can have them sharpened for a small fee. If your blades have had a long life, it may be time to invest in a new set.

Wax the Deck

Once you’ve cleaned the bottom of your lawn mower, it’s time to take care of the top. Remove any grass clippings, leaves, or other debris from the deck of your lawn mower. In fact, it’s best to wipe down the entire topside of your machine. Once you’ve done that, wax the deck of your lawn mower to help keep grass and dirt from sticking to it during the upcoming months. This will make cleaning it next spring much easier.

Get an Oil Change

Like your car, your lawn mower needs a good oil change every now and then to keep it running smoothly. You can easily do this yourself by draining the old oil (be sure to catch all of it when you remove the drain plug and dispose of it properly) and then fill it with new oil.

Check your Spark Plugs

Like your oil, it is important to replace your spark plugs every so often. Consult your manufacturer for timeline recommendations, but if you notice rust it’s a good indication it’s time to change them. If your using old spark plugs you’ll have a hard time starting your mower, experience misfires, have decreased fuel efficiency and you may even damage your engine!