How To Treat Your Home For Bed Bugs

April 11, 2017

If you know anything about bed bugs, you know they’re next to impossible to wipe out. Part of the problem is they can quickly and easily spread, and some of the common pesticides only moderately effect bed bugs making them difficult to kill. On top of that, they are very difficult to find because they hide so well. If, unfortunately, you find yourself living with these pests, here are five steps to treat your home for bed bugs.

#1: Hire a Pest Control Company

The most successful way to treat your home for bed bugs is to call a professional to help. Because bed bugs are so problematic, it is worth it to get them all in one shot by someone who handles pests for a living. My All Green offers pest control services that will bring you peace of mind and maximum comfort. Their pest control includes services that most other companies charge extra for; they include them for free. If that hasn’t sold you yet, perhaps their guarantee will. If you notice any pests between services, My All Green will come back any time at no extra charge. When it comes to bed bugs or any other pests that may try to make your home their home, call My All Green.

#2: Determine Where They Have Infested

This is going to be difficult; bed bugs are flat in shape making it very easy for them to hide in cracks and crevices. First you need to be able to identify the bed and their eggs. Next, determine where they have infested. Hopefully it is just a bedroom or two and hasn’t spread throughout your entire home. If you live in an apartment building notify the landlord immediately. Typically, bed bugs will infest rooms where people sleep. Check rooms with beds and sofas.

#3: Keep them from Spreading

One of the most important things you need to do (and one of the hardest things to do) is to keep the bed bugs from spreading. Anything that is taken from an infected room needs to be placed in a sealed plastic bag and treated. Empty your vacuum after each use in an outside container. If furniture isn’t salvageable, make sure you destroy and dispose of it properly. If you switch beds you will only be tempting the bed bugs to follow so stay in your bed but you’ll need to strip and vacuum everything, seal up your mattress, and kill all the bugs on your bed frame and headboard. Another way to keep them from spreading is to eliminate as much clutter as possible. This will make it easier for you to determine whether or not they are still present.

Prepping the areas before the treatment is key to containment.  Simply put, you almost have to move out of the house.  Removing all clothing and apparel is a must.  Removing and inspecting all pictures.  If you can keep furniture outside until it’s treated that is also recommended.

#4: Kill the Bed Bugs

As previously mentioned, not all pesticides are very effective at killing bed bugs. Heat and cold treatments may work, may not be very realistic. Look for pesticides marketed specifically for bed bugs and carefully follow the directions. Continue attacking if you still see bed bugs.  As a professional company we specialize in;

  1. dusting the wall outlets with Delta Dust
  2. heavily spraying the carpeted areas along the perimeter with Temprid Sc
  3. Spraying bed frames, box springs and mattresses with Bedlam

#5: Repeat and Prevent

Continue to look for newly-hatched bed bugs at least every seven days and adopt preventative measures to avoid dealing with bed bugs in the future.