Spring Pests – What to Expect This Season

March 28, 2017

With the warm spring weather people begin heading outside to enjoy the sunshine. Flowers begin blooming, and your lawn begins coming back to a rich shade of green. But that’s not all that will begin making its debut; spring pests begin emerging to enjoy the warm weather as well!

This spring season plan ahead and know what to expect when it comes to pest control. Armed with what to watch for, you’ll be able to get ahead of any pest-control issues and keep your home bug-free this spring and summer.  We will be sure to link suggested products to the pest in question.


Carpenter ants are one pests you don’t want getting into your home. Once there, they can be very difficult to get rid of! Instead, keep them away by getting rid of any dead wood you may have near your home. It’s a favorite hangout for ants so eliminating it will help keep them away. And as an added bonus, you’ll also get your yard cleaned up in the process!


Utah residents should be on the lookout for Hobo or Black Widow spiders this spring. These spiders are dangerous so should you see any signs of either one you’ll want to take appropriate measures to get them out of your home and keep them out! If you do find spiders in your closets or in quiet corners of your home, call My All Green. While also specializing in lawn care, My All Green can also take care of any of your pest control needs. When it comes to spiders it’s very beneficial to have a professional take care of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With the scare of the Zika virus last year, it’s no wonder mosquitos are one spring pest you want to keep away from you and your family. By taking care of mosquitoes in the spring, you can ensure an itch-free summer. Take a walk around your yard to look for any areas with poor drainage where water gathers. Mosquitos love still-standing water; it’s where they mate! Do some yard work for better drainage and have those areas sprayed by a professional to kill any eggs that may have already been laid there.

While bees are a bit more mild-mannered, wasps are not, making them one pest you want to eliminate this spring. Take a look around your home in corners of your roof and deck for nests. If you find one, don’t disturb it! Instead, get a professional to help you spray the nest, killing those pesky wasps.

Spending more time outside also means having more doors and windows open to let all that fresh air in! But that means you give houseflies a welcomed entry to your home! If you want fresh air, make sure you have screens in your windows and screen door to keep flies outside. Otherwise, you’ll just have to keep them closed.  This is a good reminder that many other pests make their way inside through cracks and holes in your home. Make sure to patch them up to avoid letting other pests inside this spring!