How To Know Spring Is Coming

February 23, 2017

Ladybug On A Flower
Technically the first day of spring is March 20th, but if you pay close attention you’ll be able to see signs that indicate spring is on its way! Some of those signs may be before March 20th and some may be after, but regardless they will be exciting signs of good weather ahead.


10 Signs Spring Is On Its Way




While temperature is a good indication that spring is on the way, it can also be a bit fickle. If days are consistently warm, you can safely say spring is on its way!


Time Change


While not always accurate, you’re pretty safe in assuming spring is here or close by if you’ve adjusted the clock an hour ahead. If anything, the extra hour of daylight will make you feel like spring is close at hand.


Snow Melts


Not only will snow melt as spring begins to make its approach, but you may notice rivers flooding as well with all of the excess water.


Leaves bud


Warm weather and extra sunshine prompt trees to start budding green leaves on their branches.


Pear Blossoms


Along with budding leaves, watch for trees in bloom too. Pear trees in particular blossom in the spring. Cherry trees do too, but pears trees are more common. Keep a keen eye out for those tiny white flowers! They’ll show up before green leaves do.


Daffodils and Crocuses


Two more plants to look for are daffodils and crocuses. Even if there is frost on the ground, if you see either of these flowers you know spring is on its way. These flowers are the first to burst forth from the snowy ground. You may also see tulips and daisies too!




That’s right, more newborn kittens are a sign of spring! Cats tend to have their babies as the weather warms. So, if you know someone who has kittens or have had some recently yourself, you know spring is on the way.


You Can See Your Lawn


When you get the first few glimpses of your lawn, you can bet it is an indication that spring is on its way. Hopefully, you properly cleaned up your lawn in the fall.


If not, now is a good time to make sure you clear any and all debris from your lawn. Make sure you remove any dead leaves the may have accumulated during the winter season. This will help you to avoid thatch buildup.


Use a rake to really get in there and break up the winter buildup! As spring becomes more obvious, give the professionals at My All Green a call or contact them online to help you make this summer the greenest and luscious summer yet for your lawn.


Shorts and Swimsuits


The next time you’re out grocery shopping, pay attention to the clothes for sale. If you see lots of shorts and swimsuits for sale, you know spring isn’t too far off.


Lots of Ladybugs


The sunshine of spring is sure to bring plenty of ladybugs to your yard and home. If you have issue with unwanted pests, My All Green can take care of them with their pest control services.