7 Reasons To Continue Pest Control in The Winter

November 21, 2016

7 Reasons To Continue Pest Control in The Winter

When it comes to winter and pest control, you might think that the cold weather will kill any of your pest problems. Well, that may be just what those pesky bugs want you to believe! Here are seven reasons why pest control in the winter is more important than you think.

Why Should You Keep Your Pest Control In The Winter?

The Weather Is Comfortable Indoors

As the weather gets colder, you generally turn up the heat indoors so that you and your family are comfortable. The problem is, this comfortable climate for humans is also a comfortable climate for pests.

While many pests may not survive outdoors in the winter, there is a huge incentive for them to move inside where they will continue to thrive. In order to keep these pests out of your home, it is crucial to continue with your pest control methods.

Walls Are Comfortable Too

While you may think that pests living in your walls will be too cold to survive the winter, we have some bad news. The pests that typically live in the walls of your home are not affected by the cold, outdoor temperatures. For this reason, it is important to get a professional’s help ridding these pests from inside the walls of your home.

Attics Provide Shelter

Even if you don’t notice many more bugs inside your home and in common living areas, that’s not to say that they aren’t taking up residence in your attic. Unless they are driven out by some other means, like pest control, they will be quite comfortable living in your attic all winter long.

Rodents Are Looking For Homes Too

If you have any entry points in your home that were not sealed up before winter, the chances are good that a rodent has taken up residence in your home too. And once a rodent moves in, it can be very difficult to get them out unless you enlist the help of a professional.

Inspections Will Treat Current Problems

When you hire a professional pest control company to inspect your home, you will get the peace of mind knowing that any existing pest issues you have will be taken care. The professionals will also be able to point out trouble spots that may be susceptible to pests in the future.

And when you choose a pest control company like My All Green, you can rest easy knowing that all of their services come with a guarantee. If any pests show up, My All Green will show up to address the issue for no extra charge.

Inspections Prevent Future Problems

By choose pest control in the winter, you will set yourself up for added protection from pests come spring time when they are emerging in full-force. Entry points like windows and doors will already be closed off to pests before spring arrives.

To Get Ahead Of Spring Pest Problems

By addressing your pest issues in the winter and having critters removed, you will little to no problems to deal with in the spring with they would otherwise begin to thrive and be a much bigger issue. So what are you waiting for? Contact All Green Pest Control & Lawn Care today!