How To Hack Your Lawnmower

September 23, 2016

You can hack your lawnmower.


Okay, not like you would hack a computer, but you can still use a few quick tips to drastically improve your experience mowing your lawn. It might almost be time to put your lawnmower away for the winter, but the last few times you mow your lawn can make a big difference in the spring. If you’ve never tried any of these lawnmower hack before, we recommend them.


Quick Tips To Hack Your Lawnmower

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Cooking Spray


That’s right, cooking spray can be used as a lawn mower hack.  How you ask? Use it to keep clumps of grass from sticking to the blades of your lawn mower. Simply spay a little bit of cooking spray on the blades before you start mowing.


From Pushing to Rolling


If you happen to have a push mower, it’s completely understandable why you might be tired of mowing your lawn. This hack is for you and might be the best news you’ve heard all day! Why not speed up the push mower by attaching it to the front of a bicycle? To mow your lawn all you’ll have to do is hop on your bike and start pedaling!


Solar Power


Tired of buying gasoline to fuel your lawn mower? You’re out in the sun mowing your lawn anyway so you might as well take advantage of it by making your lawn mower solar powered. You can install solar panels on your mower or make a solar charging station. You’ll be more green and will have a fun project to show off to the neighbors.


Lumbar Support


If you’ve got a riding lawn mower, chances are you’re spending a lot of time in the lawn mowing driver’s seat. Proper posture and good support is important when you’re sitting for long periods of time and your lawn mower is no exception. You can easily create your own lumbar support for your riding lawn mower with a foam pool noodle. Just cut the noodle in half, then cut a piece from it long enough to go across the width of your seat. Simply attach with a piece of cord and you’ve got lumbar support!


Listen to Tunes


Another very simple lawn mower hack can help pass the time spent mowing your lawn by listening to your favorite tunes. The only problem is most lawn mowers aren’t particularly quiet. If you are using the traditional earbuds, you will still be able to hear your lawn mower.  This will cause you to crank the volume and potentially lead to hearing problems. How can you solve the problem? Wear a pair of worker’s earmuffs over your earbuds! You’ll keep the noise from your mower out and can listen to your music at a reasonable sound level.


Hire a Professional


There is one more lawn mowing hack that will give you a gorgeous lawn without any effort. The hack is to hire a professional. Your lawn can benefit by having a professional, like the ones with My All Green, tend to it. Whether it be for lawn care services, or a few lawn fertilization treatments, you will be pleased with the lush, green results.