Lawn Maintenance Tips To Fight Fall

September 16, 2016

As the weather cools down it is a great time to tackle some yearly maintenance around the home and yard. Doing these tasks before settling into a cozy winter will help you stay on top of homeowner responsibilities despite the natural productivity dip during the snowy months.

It’s important to give your lawn lots of care during the fall so it can make it through the harsh winter and recuperate quickly in the spring. Keep reading for your fall lawn maintenance tips!

Fall Lawn Tip #1: Keep Watering

It’s natural to assume that you don’t need to water your lawn as much as the weather gets cooler and wetter. With extra rain you can save a little money on your water bill right? But if you become complacent your lawn may not get enough moisture to stay healthy before snow hits. You want to make sure your lawn is getting at least an inch of water a week, whether that is from rain water of from your sprinkler system. How can you keep track? Pick up a rain gauge to make sure. Keep this up until you get closer to the end of October when you can safely prepare your sprinkler system for winter.

Fall Lawn Tip #2: Consider Aeration

You should avoid letting your lawn get too compacted or covered with thatch; a thick layer of roots, stems, or debris. Thatch layer stops nutrients from getting to the dirt. It also keeps out water and oxygen. When you aerate your lawn you break up the thatch and dense soil. This allows all those nutrients, water, and oxygen to get dep into your lawn where it will be most beneficial.

Fall Lawn Tip #3: Kill, Fill, and Feed

Fall is a great time to kill any weeds you may have in your yard. If you can knock them back before fall, they’ll have a harder time recovering come spring time. To help ward off weeds you should also fill in any bald spots with new seed so the weeds won’t have anywhere to take up residence. Make sure you give your lawn a nice dose of nutrients by fertilizing in the fall. This will beef up the health and strength of your lawn before the frost, which means you’ll see a healthier lawn in the spring.

Fall Lawn Tip #4: Keep a Schedule

As you tackle these fall lawn maintenance tips, be sure that you’re aware of the order and scheduling for each one. If you start checking these items off your list too early or too late you can risk wasting your efforts. For example, jumping the gun and fertilizing too early will give you vulnerable new blades that won’t survive the winter. Fertilizing too late won’t give your lawn a chance to soak up all the nutrients. Planting new seeds late in the fall won’t give them enough time to develop before winter. If you aren’t able to aerate in the fall you’ll have to wait a year as spring aeration just opens the door for more weeds.

One way to easily stay on track with all of the many fall lawn maintenance tips and to-do’s is to hire a professional to help. My All Green serves Utah and Salt Lake County with unparalleled service and customer care. No matter the season, My All Green will help you achieve your goal of a lush, green lawn. Get in contact with them today for more information on how they work with your situation to get you exactly what you’re looking for.Pre-Winter Lawn Care In Utah