Keeping Ants Out of Your Kitchen This Summer

June 30, 2016

Ladybug On A Flower

Ants on a picnic table with some nearby watermelon may be a picturesque summer scene. But in reality, ants are the last thing you want anywhere near your watermelon, let alone your home or kitchen.

Steps To Keep Ants Away

There may be other pests that do more damage, but ants are still critters you don’t want around. You may be seeing more of them as of late; ants will try to avoid excessive, and prolonged heat or drought by coming into your home. They will most likely start to scavenge your kitchen for some food while staying cool. You can keep help ants out of your kitchen and start your own summer pest control with a few simple tips outlined below.

Remove Food Sources

Ants love to eat sugary, fatty foods. If you have any sugar, powdered sugar, syrup, honey, fruit, grease splatters or oils in your home the ants will find them. It can be something as simple as a few grains of sugar or a drop of oil; ants will be able to smell it, find it, and make themselves right at home consuming anything on your counter or in your cupboards. The best way to keep them from entering is to be careful to avoid spills and tightly sealing up anything sugary or fatty that the ants may be attracted to.

Clean Up

If you do have any spills in your home, which is inevitable, be sure to clean them up immediately. Use soap and water or another all-purpose cleaner to clean up your countertops, and vacuum regularly to keep crumbs off the floor. Don’t forget to wipe up any spills or leaks in your cupboard or pantry and clean out the crumbs in your toaster frequently.

Eliminate Trails

When a scout ant comes into your home looking for food, water, or reprise from the heat, they leave a scent trail so that their other colony members can follow. That means that killing an ant on sight really won’t do you any good. Another ant will simply follow the scent trail and pick up where the other one left off. To eliminate this scent trail you will need to wipe down the path with soapy water or bleach.

Stop Entry

Before you start killing ants, take a few minutes to watch them. This will allow you to figure out where they are entering your home. Once you’ve pinpointed where they are coming from, you can try to seal it with caulk or petroleum jelly.

DIY Remedies

Here are a few of our favorite products for exterminating ants.  The below listed products are professional grade products available on .  These are residential and commercial grade products that really work.  Don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews.

Call a Professional

These tactics will help avoid ants in the first place or help keep them out of your kitchen, but to completely get rid of ants you are going to want to call a professional. All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care is the best choice for your pest control needs and you can easily contact them today. They will come for an initial service to get rid of most adult ants or other pests and put a protective barrier around your home. Between services you can sleep easy knowing that if you see another ant, My All Green will come back free of charge.