Back to Basics: Mowing your Lawn

May 27, 2016

Lawn Mower On Green Lawn Utah
Before you dismiss this post thinking, “I already know how to mow my lawn,” take a moment to consider the basics. Basics work. They are the foundation for other specialized treatments or techniques, reviewing the basics and understanding why they are so important create a great foundation for you as you move on to them. And when it comes to your lawn, nothing is more basic than mowing. How you mow will greatly affect the way your lawn looks and also its health.

Follow and remember these tips to get a great looking lawn all summer.

  • When you begin mowing your lawn, start with a “header strip.” You do this by mowing the outside edge of your lawn and around flower beds. This will give you a place to turn the mower around and help you avoid making sharp turns with the mower. (You can also use sidewalks or a driveway to turn the mower around). This will also keep clippings from getting all over your driveway, sidewalk or street.
  • As you continue on with mowing you’ll need to establish which direction you want your lines to go. These lines should be in a different direction each time you use your lawn mower; diagonal, horizontal, vertical and diagonal the opposite direction. This way the blades of grass will grow more erect because they are not forced in the same direction each time you mow. This means your lawn will have a more even cut!
  • Only remove 1/3 of the blade of grass each time you mow. If you go too long between sessions (we know life happens) simply take off some (less than 1/3) and go over it again a few days later to get it to your desired length.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave grass clippings in the yard as they can decompose and give their nutrients back to the soil.
  • You should mow your lawn once a week, except in the spring when it grows much faster making twice a week mowing sessions necessary.
  • Do not mow your lawn when the grass is wet. You’ll avoid slipping, clumping clippings, and a patchy looking lawn.
  • Keep the blade sharp on your lawn mower. This really is a necessary step to having a beautiful, healthy lawn. A sharp blade will cut your glass cleanly; the blade won’t bend when it’s cut and it will heal more quickly. Your job will be easier, and your mower won’t have to work as hard. The sharp blades will also break your mulch into smaller pieces which will break down more quickly.
  • Be sure to use fresh gasoline at the beginning of the season and change the oil in your mower at least once during the mowing season.

If you’re looking for a way to give your lawn some extra pampering, check with the pest control and lawn care experts of Utah at All Green. They can take care of your lawn care services like fertilizing, weed control, aeration and deep root injections. These services along with a solid lawn-mowing practice will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood!