Lawn Fertilizing 101

April 25, 2016

For the average homeowner, fertilizing can seem like an overwhelming aspect of lawn care. But it doesn’t have to be! Despite many different options, various methods, and the fact that you’re dealing with chemicals you can take control of the health of your lawn with some simple insights.

Fertilizer And Yard In Provo Utah

How important is fertilizing? Up until this point you may not have considered fertilizing a necessary step in your lawn care routine, but before you dismiss it completely you should consider how your lawn gets its “food”. The nutrients in the soil beneath your lawn are either sucked up by the lawn itself or are carried away with rain or irrigation. Without replenishing these nutrients, your lawn will be “hungry’ – it will look and become unhealthy. It is important to fertilize and replenish these nutrients.

When it comes to choosing a fertilizer you should understand that each option will be made up of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. As you look the bags of fertilizer, you’ll usually see various ratios of these three nutrients indicating how much of each is in the bag. You want to look for something high in nitrogen, because that is what is what will encourage growth! The other two nutrients are important, but your lawn doesn’t need as much of them.

Whether you choose a liquid fertilizer or a granular one, be sure to read and follow the directions carefully. A granular fertilizer is a little more user friendly. Though they are a little more expensive and you won’t see results as quickly, you won’t have to apply it as often. The liquid fertilizer will give you more instant results and are usually cheaper. However, it’s a lot easier for these to leach and because it requires more applications you have a higher chance of burning your lawn.

Find what type of fertilizer and which application works best for you! If you still feel a little intimidated about fertilizing your own lawn why not hire a professional do to it for you?

At My All Green there are several different lawn fertilization treatments you can choose from. In late April you will want to focus on supplying your lawn with a bill bug treatment and early summer fertilizing.

Bill bugs are small beetles found in Utah lawns. These beetles cut into and eat the grass stems. Their larva offspring will also eat the roots of your blades of grass. If you notice these little gray or brown beetles you need to call a pest control professional immediately because they will cause brown, dead spots on your lawn. The Bill Bug treatment with My All Green will get rid your lawn of the pesky beetles and also includes weed control.

You should also consider giving your lawn the Early Summer Fertilizer treatment. This will give your lawn the boost it needs for summer. It will improve the green color, root growth, increase cell wall strength while encouraging new growth for a thick lush lawn.

For these treatments or any other lawn care questions you may have, don’t hesitate to give My All Green a call today!