This Spring, Stop Pests From Making Your Home Theirs

March 28, 2016

Pest Control

While Utah residents may be looking forward to seeing sunshine, their green lawn and tulips again, warmer weather also brings spiders, insects and rodents. Most people are less than thrilled when these pests make their return. But what can be done to keep these pesky critters from making your home theirs? There are many things you can do before bugs, insects and rodents start showing up in order to prevent a bigger hassle later. We’ve listed some tips below, so keep reading!

Pre-Spring Cleaning

Besides a cleaner house and a clearer state of mind, spring cleaning has many other benefits too. But pre-spring cleaning means preventing spring pest invasions! We all know how easy it is to neglect chores around the house when the weather is cold and days are short. But that neglect can become breeding ground for pests, creating an ideal environment for them to thrive. Tackling some of that spring cleaning list before it actually gets warm means you will remove attractive conditions for pests before they even show up!

Starting in the kitchen, clean under and behind appliances. Thoroughly clean under the stove, refrigerator and sink; it’s easy to miss spills and crumbs in those places. Take inventory of your pantry by taking everything out, throwing away old items, and cleaning all corners well. Repackage any food that may leave crumbs and attract pests.

Inspect Your Home

As you move throughout the home, look for cardboard boxes or paper on the ground. These items make perfect nesting materials for pests. Inspect your windows and screens where pests may easy access to your home. You should also check your home’s perimeter for any cracks or holes. Remember, many pests don’t need a very big opening to get in your home, so even if it looks small fill any holes and openings you find! Bugs and rodents will also look for food sources. Check under sinks, behind toilets, in your laundry room and in basements for leaks or moisture. And as with the pantry, clean up any crumbs or spills you may have around your home.

Here are a few products we like to use to plug up holes and seal cracks and crevices so the pests cannot enter

Call Professionals

Getting a jump on your spring cleaning and inspecting your home to eliminate prime pest conditions will set you up for a pest-free spring and summer. But your efforts shouldn’t end there! Continue to eliminate food, water and nest sources in your home and yard during the warmer months.

If you haven’t had regular pest-control services at your home throughout the winter, start now! Eggs that spiders or insects laid around your home last year will be ready to hatch. Ew! The time for pest control isn’t after your home is infested, it’s before.

Call the licensed professionals with All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care to protect your home from pests.