Why You Should Sharpen Your Lawn Tools

March 14, 2016

Summer Lawn Care

With spring just around the corner, you’re probably itching to start showing your lawn Total Lawn Care. With any luck, your hard work will pay off with a luscious green lawn you can bask in all summer long. Despite the many items on your lawn to-do list, you may be forgetting one important step. When was the last time you sharpened your lawn tools? It may seem like a silly step, but the health of your lawn and plants depend on it.  Here are a few tools we recommend for sharpening your blades.

Sharpening your lawn mower blade

Not only should you be sharpening your lawn mower blades, but ideally it should be happening twice each season in order to maintain a green and healthy lawn. Sharpen the blades at the start and middle of the mowing season. If your mower happens to pick up anything else besides blades of grass – say sticks or abandoned toys – you should consider sharpening more often.

Blades of grass cut by a dull lawn mower blade will leave the grass looking torn. Torn grass will give you a dull, unhealthy, and brown looking lawn. But a sharp blade will slice the grass cleanly. Which means your plant will recover quickly, leaving you with a greener and healthier lawn.

A clean, fast cut will also reduce your mowing time. All of the blades will be the same height every time with one swipe of the blade. If you have to go over any part of your lawn multiple times, and the grass still looks uneven or patchy, it’s time to sharpen your lawn mower blades.

It’s also good practice to look at the blades. Check for obvious dullness, chips or dents. Any inconsistency on your blades will take its toll on your blades of grass. Over time your blades will lose some of their thickness. Pay attention to this, and when they become too thin, replace them immediately. This way you can avoid the blade breaking while you are mowing and pieces of metal flying.

Sharpening your garden tools

Your lawn mower is probably your biggest lawn care tool, but don’t forget about the others you have in the shed! For instance, your pruning, loppers and shearing tools. Sharp tools will make your chores go much faster and easier. Just like with your grass, having sharp tools for pruning will also keep your plants healthier.

A dull cut can induce insect damage or disease. With a sharp tool, a cut is done quickly, the plant heals quickly thus reducing the plant’s risk of ill-health. Having clean tools is also important, so be sure to use some rubbing alcohol and use a rag to wipe your tools down after cutting each tree, shrub or plant. You don’t want to spread disease from one tree to the next! If you didn’t sharpen your tools before winter (a good time to do it as your chores around the yard have likely slowed down) then be sure to sharpen them before you start your spring yard work.

For any of your spring lawn care or pest control questions, contact us,  All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care.