Tips To Avoid Winter Landscape Damage

January 15, 2016

Some Tips to Avoid Winter Landscape Damage
During the frigid northern Utah winters, landscape damage can result from a variety of unexpected threats.


You probably already know some tricks for protecting delicate plants and shrubs from freezing, but you may not have considered the damage snowplows, salt trucks, ice storms and dry, windy conditions can do.


Beware of Snowplows and Salt Trucks

In the event of snow accumulation, plows and salt trucks mobilize to clear the roads — and kill your plants!


When accumulation is significant, plows have to push the snow somewhere. If you have plants near the street, they may be damaged or destroyed under the weight of a snow pile.


Likewise, salt and sand can harm landscaping near the street or in the path of melting snow runoff. Rinse your plants well if you suspect that they’ve been doused with salt or sand, and keep this hazard in mind when adding new plants in the future.


Prepare for Ice


Although it doesn’t happen often, an ice storm can devastate your landscape and potentially leave your home without power.


Bare deciduous tree branches are the most vulnerable to the weight of ice, which can cause them to break off. This can be damaging to the tree as well as to power lines or people who happen to be standing nearby.


Keep trees healthy throughout the year with proper fertilization — this beefs up branch strength. Make sure they’re pruned correctly too, and remove any branches that overhang power lines, sidewalks or structures.


Keep the Wind at Bay


Wind damage is one of the biggest cold-weather threats to our landscaping. Plants and shrubs are susceptible to windburn, which causes evergreen leaves and needles to turn brown and eventually fall off.


When adding new plants, keep their potential exposure to cold winds in mind. For existing plants, consider adding decorative elements or temporary coverings to shield them from the harsh cold and blowing wind.


Don’t Forget to Water


It may seem counterintuitive to water your landscape during the winter, but it’s critical that you do!


When the ground is frozen, your plants have no way to absorb moisture from the soil. Water deeply and regularly before the ground freezes and on warm days. You don’t need to water as often during the cold months, but grab those opportunities when you can!


With a few months of cold weather yet to go, All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care reminds you to be safe out there, and to take good care of your landscaping all year long.


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