Outdoor Pest Control Is Important in Winter

December 7, 2015

Winter Pest Control In Utah
The need for outdoor pest control does not diminish during the cold months.

While it may seem that nature slows down during the winter, some insects and rodents pay no heed to the calendar. These nasty vermin remain quite active in the cold, particularly if they can hide out in a warm and comfortable environment.

Keep your home free of pests this winter with the following tips.

Prevent a Winter Insect Invasion

Some insects go dormant over the winter or migrate south, but others tend to seek protective shelter instead.

Several species of ants, roaches and flies can be a common sight during the colder weather when they like to enter our pleasantly cozy homes. Spiders also like to spend the winter inside.

One way to prevent insects and spiders from invading is by closing off their access.

Use caulk or spackle to seal holes on the outside of your house, and replace the weather stripping around doors and windows. It’s also a good idea to move any mulch or firewood piles at least a few feet away from exterior walls, as these areas are perfect hiding spots for pests.

Inside, be sure to check the walls, baseboards and cabinet interiors for cracks and crevices that need sealing.

Keep Rodents from Taking Shelter

Just like insects and spiders, rodents look for nice, warm spaces to live in throughout the winter. Some varieties of mice, rats and squirrels build nests to survive the cold months, and they prefer to build them in our attics, crawl spaces and walls.

Be sure to repair any holes in your roof or exterior walls where rodents or insects may be able to enter. Rodents can also enter our homes around pipes. These openings look too tiny for them, but many can squeeze through.

It can be helpful to stuff these cracks with steel wool to block their entry. It is also a good idea to clear out the gutters and overhangs, as rodents like those areas for building nests.


Exterior and Foundation Pest Control Treatment

Exterior pest control treatment is the most important part of protecting your home from wintertime invaders.

Professional perimeter and foundation treatments form a barrier around your home’s exterior , preventing insects and other pests from taking up residence. Our professional technicians apply a chemical insecticide, spraying the foundation of the house and the nearby soil.

Pests may still try to come into your home, but they won’t survive the crawl through the treatment. Even during the cold months, however, regular applications are crucial for maintaining this safety zone.

Keep unwelcome and potentially deadly insects, spiders and rodents from entering your home this winter with our experienced yard care and pest control services. For your outdoor pest control needs, contact the professionals at All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care, serving Provo and all areas on the Wasatch Front.