Pre-Winter Lawn Care Tips

November 18, 2015

Pre-Winter Lawn Care

Winter lawn care isn’t time-consuming or difficult, and preparing your yard for the cold months can provide a host of benefits come spring.

Even though your grass seems dormant during the winter, a lot is going on underground that you can’t see. Taking some preventive steps now will pay off next year, when you’re enjoying a lush and healthy lawn. Read on to find out all you need to know to get your lawn ready for the harsh winter ahead.

Face the Leaves!

Raking may not rank near the top of your list of fun chores, but it’s critical to your lawn’s health. It’s most important to rake away any dead leaves and debris that can prevent sunlight from getting to your grass. However, don’t begin raking until your grass is done growing. Until then, you can easily mow over leaves and create a healthy mulch for the grass. Once the growing season is over, though, let the raking begin.

Some leaves, however, should be left where they are. For example, don’t rake in cool areas like under trees and shrubs. Leaves there will help to provide a layer of insulation for your plants when the temperature plummets.

Don’t Neglect Aeration

The fall is a great time to get your lawn some fresh air and extra nutrients. Aeration involves puncturing the soil with small holes to allow air, water and other nutrients to reach the turf’s roots. This makes your lawn healthier, stronger and more resistant to pests and weeds.

If you want to handle the aeration yourself, you’ll need to either rent or purchase an aerator. Select one with hollow tines to bring the soil plugs back up to the surface, where you need to leave them. They will work themselves back into the ground over time.

Make sure you know where the septic and utility lines run in your yard before you begin aerating, however, or you might end up with an expensive repair bill on your hands.

Finally, Fertilizer

This is a no-brainer, because everyone knows a well-fertilized lawn is a healthy lawn. This time of year, use a fertilizer with both nitrogen and potassium, and that allows for slow release over time. Most fertilizers have a schedule on the bag along with recommendations for the specific product.

For the fertilizer to take full effect and to give your grass roots a boost, you also will need to water your lawn. If frost or freezing is a risk, take care to water during the warmest part of the day, using only as much water as is necessary to work in the fertilizer.

For an easier way to handle these end-of-season tasks, call the professionals at All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care. As northern Utah’s premier lawn care and weed-control company, we can handle all aeration and fertilization tasks for you. That way, you can enjoy the crisp fall weather without worrying about your winter lawn care.