Your Fall Lawn Fertilization Guide For Northern Utah

October 27, 2015

Fall Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization is important during the fall season, to ensure that our northern Utah lawns are healthy and green come spring. The correct type of fertilizer prepares your lawn for the harsh winter ahead and replenishes its nutrients after the hot summer season prior. The key is to select the correct fertilizer blend for our climate, as well as for your yard’s soil and turf type.

The Importance of Fertilizing Your Turf

Northern Utah is known for temperature extremes, ranging from harsh winter conditions to searing mid-summer temperatures. Fertilizer helps strengthen lawns and prepare them for the upcoming winter season. While many people believe that spring is the only time fertilization is really necessary, the autumn application is just as important. Taking the time to care for your lawn during the fall also can help reduce the amount of work needed in the spring and summer, to keep grass healthy and lush.

Guidelines for Lawn Fertilization

For the fall season, look for fertilizers labeled specifically for fall use. These products contain a higher level of potassium, an important element for your lawn’s growth and health. If you fertilize during the fall, it is typically best to do so in November, just before the grass stops growing for the winter season.

As for quantities, most experts recommend one pound of nitrogen per every 1,000 square feet of your yard. Most commercial fertilizers provide detailed instructions for distribution and use, and it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s directions to prevent runoff. Always apply fertilizer to dry grass for optimal absorption, spreading the product in an even layer across the lawn.

Lawn Care to Bolster the Effects of Fertilizing

While proper fertilizing is a critical component of seasonal lawn care, you can take additional steps to capitalize on its benefits. Start by mowing your grass short for the fall season. A shorter lawn, measuring about 2 inches high or less, is great preparation for the winter and can protect your grass from snow, cold and common diseases. Next, thoroughly aerate your lawn. This helps strengthen turf roots and boosts water absorption.

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