How To Protect Your Home During Fall Pest Invasion

October 13, 2015

Pest Control

Pest invasions are especially problematic during the fall season in northern Utah. As temperatures drop, pests seek out warmth and reliable food sources, both of which may be found in your home.

Spiders, insects and rodents are annoying and maybe a little scary, but they also pose a threat to your family’s health and safety. With a little time and effort, however, you can help minimize their presence. Read on for some steps you can take to keep pests out of your life this fall.

Close off Entrances and Create Barriers

The best way to prevent pest invasions is to close off the avenues of access into your home. Pests can find entrances in the tiniest of places, so determining where you need to plug holes or make repairs can be difficult.

Some of the most common access points are holes in windows, cracks around doors or in foundations, and loose attic vents. Obviously, it’s almost impossible to make your home completely impenetrable, but sealing these breaches can definitely reduce potential problems.

Eliminate Habitats and Decrease Environmental Appeal

In addition to repairing any entrance points to your home, it is important to eliminate any pest-friendly habitats. Start by removing clutter both inside and outside your home. Remove piles of leaves, branches and other vegetation. Clean up yard, garden and garage debris, and keep garbage cans 20 feet or more from your house, whenever possible.

Indoors, remove any cardboard boxes, piles of newspaper and paper bags. Keep books, magazines and paper products off the floor. Clean up any food scraps or debris that may have accumulated under your stove, refrigerator or kitchen cabinets.

Pests like dark, humid places far away from people. Consider placing a dehumidifier in your basement, attic and storage rooms to make them less hospitable. Adding small LED nightlights in these areas may help as well, and they use very little energy. Remove any potential nesting areas, including cardboard boxes and old, upholstered furniture.

Trapping and Killing Pests Inside Your Home

While it’s true that most pests have short life spans, many of them also reproduce quickly and prolifically. Consequently, it’s important to eradicate them as quickly as possible, once they’ve invaded.

Trapping and killing vermin yourself can be difficult. Most over-the-counter traps are either ineffective or dangerous. Likewise, consumers cannot legally purchase professional-strength, pest-control chemicals. These substances can be harmful to humans and pets when used incorrectly.

The only safe and reliable way to rid your home of fall invaders is to let a professional pest control expert handle the job.

If you’re in the Holladay, Utah, area or any of the communities along the Wasatch Front, give All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care a call for help with all of your pest problems. We understand the importance of safely and effectively removing the threat that bugs, spiders and mice bring into your home. With All Green on your side, you’ll never have to worry about pest invasions again.