Utah Lawn Care Tips For The Fall Season

October 6, 2015

Fall Lawn Care

Northern Utah lawn care requires a year-round commitment, but some of the most important steps happen during the fall season. As the cool weather returns to the Wasatch Front, it’s time for some important late-season lawn maintenance. The focus is on weed control, aeration, fertilization and over seeding. And even though the weather is cooler, we can’t forget about watering!

Watering and Fertilization

Hot summer temps have gone south for the winter, but watering remains an important component of keeping your lawn healthy. Remember that the optimal schedule involves infrequent, deep watering.

In northern Utah, our lawns require the water to reach at least 6 inches deep with each watering session. Remember also to allow the soil to dry out after each watering to avoid saturation, rot or mold below the surface.

This time of year, a nitrogen-rich fertilizer provides an optimal level of fall feeding and guarantees a greener, healthier lawn come spring. Some lawn-care guides say that fertilizing once every three years is enough to preserve the lawn, but that schedule isn’t optimal in our climate. Failing to fertilize annually can cause the turf to weaken, leaving it unprotected against an infestation of weeds and pests.

Weeding and Aerating

Weed control is a never-ending job in our area. If you plan to take on the weeds on your own, you may be in for a time-consuming and tedious job. Fortunately, applying a pre-emergent product can make your job much easier next year. Once broadleaf weeds take hold in your lawn, it’s almost impossible to eradicate them. Luckily, most are annual and will die off in the cold. Pre-emergent products will go to work keeping them at bay once the warm temperatures return.

Don’t forget about aerating. It’s important to thoroughly aerate the turf now, to help strengthen the roots in preparation for the upcoming harsh winter temperatures. Aerating also improves the quality of watering and strengthens the application of fertilizer and herbicide.

Like weeding, aeration can also be a tedious task. Having the right tool — in this case, a core aerator — will certainly make the job easier.

Of course, the easiest way of all to attack all your fall lawn-care tasks is to let an expert handle them for you. If you live in the Salt Lake City area, call the professionals at All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care. We specialize in weed and pest control for homes and businesses, as well as fertilization and aeration services. If you want a perfectly green, weed-free lawn come spring, contact us today for all of your Utah lawn care needs.