Deep Root Injection Provides Ideal Nutrition for Trees

September 29, 2015

Deep Root Injection Process To Nourish Trees and ShrubsDeep root injection is a process designed to nourish your trees and shrubs so that they can thrive.This approach to fertilization also helps them resist a number of devastating diseases, but unlike traditional top-down fertilization strategies, it doesn’t destroy your lawn. The process is simple, but it requires specialized chemicals, a pressurized injector system and advanced knowledge of application techniques.


Why Trees and Shrubs Require Fertilization at Root Level


Trees and shrubs are often unable to derive the proper nutrients from the soil. If you spray a little Miracle Grow around your yard and hope for the best, you’re deluding yourself and shortening the life of your plants. Just as humans need vitamin supplements, your plants require an added boost of nutrition. Our Utah soils lack some key nutrients trees and shrubs need, and root injection places those elements exactly where they’re needed most. Root injection also aerates the soil around the root system, providing much-needed oxygen and giving roots some room to spread out.


How Deep Root Injection Works


The process is almost as simple as it sounds. A cocktail of high-quality liquid fertilizer products is applied using a deep root feeding system, sometimes called a soil needle. The liquid nutrients are mixed in a large tank, then the pressurized contents travel through a hose to the soil needle. The technician inserts the needle based on the depth of a tree’s root system, applying a specific amount of fertilizer at precise locations. Knowledge and experience plays a large role in the process, because should the tech insert the needle too far, it will overshoot the root system and inject the solution in a location that the plant can’t use.


Nourish Your Trees While Protecting Your Lawn


The traditional way to fertilize trees, shrubs and other large plants is by applying nutrients on top of the soil and then watering them in. Unfortunately, the quantity of fertilizer necessary to make a difference to a large tree can badly burn the grass across the entire application site. If this process doesn’t kill the grass completely, it grows back in a darker green color that sticks out in obvious contrast to the rest of the lawn. For this reason, many homeowners tend to skip over the process. Failing to fertilize trees and large bushes or shrubs can have long-term consequences.


All Green Pest Control & Lawn Care, serving Salt Lake and Utah County, offers deep root fertilization as well as weed and pest control services. We provide our customers a safe environment and lush lawn, season after season. We strongly recommend an injection fertilizer treatment at least twice each year, to keep your trees and plants healthy and happy. Contact us today for a free quote for all the services your home or business needs, including deep root injection treatments.