DIY Pest Control May Pose a Threat to Your Home and Family

September 8, 2015

DIY Pest Control

DIY pest control may seem like a great way to save some money keeping bugs and other critters at bay around your home. According to the experts, however, trying to apply your own pest control treatment may cause more problems than it corrects. At best, you may still be overrun with insects, mice and other invaders. On the more dire end of the spectrum, however, you may actually cause damage in and around your home and create a harmful environment for kids and pets.

Commercial Exterminating Products May Not Be Effective

Professional pest control companies have access to chemicals and other treatments that the general public cannot legally purchase. The products available on the shelves at hardware stores and home maintenance warehouses are intentionally weak to prevent consumers from harmful chemical interactions. Your pests are likely to scoff at your amateur attempts at eradication.

Pest control technicians are trained to recognize the signs of Utah-specific pests of all types. They don’t have to see the bugs themselves to know what’s going on. In many cases, technicians can identify the problem by evaluating damage patterns, nesting materials and waste. Armed with the knowledge of what’s invaded your home, the technician knows what product to use, the right strength of chemicals to mix and how to apply it most effectively.

The Truth about Environmental and Safety Dangers

Today’s pest control products walk a fine line between being effective and being an environmental hazard. When you endeavor to mix your own treatment chemicals, you may inadvertently destroy important natural pest barriers. Your home and yard are full of friendly bugs that create an ecosystem to naturally discourage pests. Kill these friendly critters off, and you may find yourself with a true infestation. Applying too much of any chemical can result in toxic runoff the next time it rains or you water your lawn. Once the chemicals leave your lot, they head straight for the storm drains, where they taint groundwater. Inside the home, it can get worse.

The Risks for Indoor Accidents and Toxicity

The news is full of reports about consumers setting fires and causing explosions while using bug bombs or attempting to rid their homes of bedbugs. All pesticides are made of harsh chemicals, and improper mixing or application can create a toxic environment for your family pets, your children and even for adults. Non-chemical solutions like mousetraps can break tiny bones in fingers and toes, when left in the wrong place.

Even if you don’t create a safety hazard for your family, attempting to control pests yourself is likely to result in a panicked phone call to a professional. Not only are you out the time and money you invested in your own pest control efforts, but you’ll have to pay for a service call anyway.

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