Fight Utah Pests with the Barrier Technique

August 13, 2015

Pest Control

The diverse challenge of Utah pests is best controlled through the use of the barrier technique. Experts recommend both physical and chemical methods to reduce the presence of pests, depending on each situation. The physical option is sometimes preferable because insecticides, especially when used improperly, can pose a danger to children and pets. Ultimately, deciding how and when to implement which barrier techniques is best left to yard-care and pest-control experts.

The Physical Barrier Method

A physical barrier is the first option for controlling pests, especially for plant protection and preservation. These barriers can be created in several ways, most commonly through sticky, shield, collar, bag, cage or copper obstacles. The type of physical barrier that’s most effective usually depends on the type of plant you want to protect and the type of pests you are trying to get rid of. Sticky barriers, for example, work best for trees while shield barriers work best with food crops. Copper bands work well to repel snails and slugs, due to the electric current they emit.

Using the Physical Barrier to Pest-Proof Buildings

Protecting plants in your yard can sometimes cause pests to retreat to the nearest structure for shelter. The most effective way to make a building pest free using physical barriers is to seal off any nooks and crannies through which pests may be able to gain access. Most of the attention should be directed toward the building’s foundation, as well as all of the windows and doors. When all the crevices are secured, make sure to go through and clear unkempt plants, weeds and debris, as these are attractive to pests. Because physical barrier options aren’t always effective for solving a pest problem, professional pest control experts sometimes make use of chemical barriers.

The Chemical Barrier Method

Chemical barriers are most effective when used in conjunction with physical barrier methods. Chemical barriers work well for all types of buildings as well as for the yard and garden. This approach involves laying down a 3-to-4-foot barrier of insecticide around your home as well as around the perimeter of the yard. Pests won’t cross the barrier as long as it remains active, keeping your home and garden blissfully free of insects and other pests.

While insecticides are effective for getting rid of harmful insects, they can cause damage if not used properly. The chemical barrier method is both safe and effective, but only when applied and maintained by a pest control professional. In Lehi and along the Wasatch Front, All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care is the go-to expert for controlling insects and other pests, as well as for lawn care and weed control. All Green uses only the safest methods and techniques to protect your home, family and pets from harm. Contact them today for help with all your Utah pests.