Lawn Care and Summer Turf Problems

July 7, 2015

Summer Lawn Care

Effective lawn care can help control Utah’s common summer turf problems, some of which may present an added challenge if you do not recognize the underlying cause or have any idea how to correct it. If you know what to look for, you can be prepared to take action. Read on to learn about some of the most common summer turf problems in and around the Salt Lake City area.


These are legless grubs that have an orange-brown head and a small whitish body. When they become adults, they transform into beetles with a little snout. They are most often seen between June and August. They cause brown areas on your lawn that may look like drought, and you will find that the grass pulls up in clumps very easily.

White Grubs

Like bill bugs, these grubs cause brown areas in the grass that look like drought and allow the grass to pull up easily. You may notice skunks or birds feeding on the infested patches. These grubs have a brown head and six legs, and when disturbed, they curl into a C shape. The adults become large beetles.

Bermuda Grass

This is a strong, wiry grass that has creeping roots. You may notice a pattern on the stem like herringbone, and a head with seeds made up of three to seven spikes. It is likely to be found in hot and dry conditions.


If you see a grass with three to four spikes and a fibrous root, it may be crabgrass. It usually shows up in mid-summer, but you can sometimes see it toward the end as well. When the weather begins to cool off, it takes on a reddish-purple hue, and it will die shortly after the first frost, only to return again next year.

Fairy Ring

This naturally occurring summer turf problem is caused by fungus that grows in the soil on the organic matter. This grass is darker around the outside, with lighter colors in the middle, and when it gets wet, mushrooms will grow around the edges. Excessively damp conditions from overwatering can encourage this problem, although dry conditions may cause it to die.


This may be one of the most common summer turf problems in Utah. The grass on your lawn may get darker and then turn a straw color if the drought continues. If it is mild, it will turn green within an hour or two after watering, but if the drought is severe, it can take up to 10 days to recover.

These are just a few of the summer turf problems that you may experience this year. Some others to watch out for include foliar diseases, tall fescue, purge and black medic. If you are not sure what kind of problems your lawn has, contact All Green Pest Control & Lawn Care, serving Provo and the surrounding communities. Their experienced professionals can identify the problem and get your lawn back into top shape with their professional lawn care services.