Commercial Lawn Care in Northern Utah

June 23, 2015

Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial lawn care differs from residential services, but it’s more of a theoretical difference than a practical one — many of the procedures and practices are identical. The main difference is scope and intent. Besides the usual suspects of mowing, edging and pruning, effective lawn care requires the ongoing fertilizing as well as control of weeds and pests. Many homeowners enjoy the puttering that is part of their lawn-care ritual. Business owners, on the other hand, don’t typically have that luxury. Your office or facility is the face of your business, and if your landscaping is a ragtag mass of weeds, your customers may suspect you’re equally lax in taking care of business.

Keeping Weeds Permanently Clear

Even for the experts, keeping weeds clear is no easy task. Weeds are persistent in the commercial setting, just as they are in residential lawns, and different types of weeds require different types of control. Most professionals use a combination of biological, mechanical, cultural, preventive and chemical methods to fight pesky weeds. Understanding the biological origin of weeds can help determine the safest and most effective chemical means of eradication. Weeds can be classified as post-emergence and pre-emergence. Within these categories are seasonal weeds, which require further examination for the correct chemical methods of removal. Due to the varying types of weeds and subsequent seasonal differentiation, keeping weeds at bay is somewhat of a science, requiring the skills of a professional.

Eliminating Pests Safely and Correctly

In addition to weeds, pests are also a common problem for commercial lawns and landscapes. Similar to weeds, different types of pests require different approaches for eradication. The chemicals must also be distributed during the right season and in the right proportion to remove the pests, but so not as to damage the turf itself. Another potential complication of eliminating pests from commercial lawns is the chemical interactions that can occur with over-application. Since literally hundreds of different pests can cause damage to a lawn in Utah, expert knowledge is essential to combat the problem correctly.

Why You Need Commercial Lawn-Care Services

Beyond the knowledge and experience a lawn-care professional brings to combating weeds and pests, the materials needed to do the job correctly are only available to licensed professionals. Most of the stronger chemicals needed cannot be purchased by consumers. Learning about types, seasons and combinations of remedies for adequate lawn care is time consuming and requires a great deal of research and education to understand in depth.

As a business owner, you understand the importance of allowing specialists to do their jobs, freeing you up to do what you’re best at: building your business. The professionals at All Green Pest and Lawn, serving Provo and the entire Wasatch Front, have the knowledge and experience to keep your facility looking sharp and well-cared for. Contact them today for all of your commercial lawn-care needs.