Soil-Safe Pest Control

May 18, 2015

Pest Control Utah

Many people search for safe pest control methods to use in their yards, especially if they plan to plant fruits, vegetables, herbs or anything edible. Many insects provide necessary biodiversity, but some are clearly unwelcome and even damaging. Beyond the health of plantings, gardeners care about the health of the soil because healthy dirt means healthy plants and produce. Practicing safe pest control practices provides a healthy balance for your yard and garden. Read on for some pro tips for controlling unwanted pests while maintaining the health of your soil.

Use Benign Deterrents to Discourage Pests

Many crawling insects are vulnerable on the underside. For this reason, products such as wood chips and decomposed granite are effective for discouraging these pests. Crushed eggshells are a popular natural deterrent and diatomaceous earth (DE) is effective against many pests as well. In fact, many experts recommend laying down a line of DE around your home’s perimeter to discourage crawling pests from making entry.

Keep Weeds at Bay

Many home gardeners fail to consider the role that weeds play in pest invasion. Weeds in the garden provide an ideal hiding place for insects. If you remove this habitat, pests will have reduced access to your plants. Naturally, you want to avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals, which means pulling those pesky plants out. Some gardeners swear by using an old barbecue fork, but many specialty tools are designed for this purpose as well. Weed knives, spinners, poppers, grubbers, hoes and pullers of all kinds let you make quick work of unwanted vegetation. Weed edging border is also highly effective. Available in metal and heavy-duty plastic, you simply pound the edging into the ground where it blocks the roots and prevents the spread of weeds.

Non-Toxic Pest Traps and Barriers

Many garden pests are thwarted by traps and barriers. Sticky traps and cards can be purchased commercially, or you can build your own using instructions found online. These are effective for whiteflies, fruit flies and other winged pests. Pitfall traps are effective for crawling insects. Both types of traps, when combined with visual or scent lures, can also help you monitor insect activity in your yard. Pheromones and other chemicals can be safely used as lures in self-contained traps. Barriers, including cardboard plant collars, shields and row covers, are another effective means of discouraging pests.

In the Salt Lake City area, All Green Pest Control & Lawn Care understands the importance of earth-friendly weed and pest control. They use only those products and techniques that are safest for the earth as well as your family and pets. Contact them today for help with your yard and garden and to learn more about safe pest control techniques.